Robert S. Frey

My direct experience with the leadership and subject matter-experts of Ms. Alison Miller’s “The Dissertation Coach” was genuinely extraordinary and highly beneficial to me during the pivotal pre-defense stage of my dissertation. The level of customer care provided was characterized by rapid responsiveness, beginning with my initial query and continuing throughout our interaction together. Special recognition of the statistical acumen and interpersonal skills of my statistician is richly deserved. He approached statistical treatment of my dataset in the context of my overall dissertation and the associated research questions and hypotheses going far beyond treating the data as merely “input” for SPSS statistical software. Patiently and steadily, he assisted me in understanding the strengths and constraints of specific statistical approaches. He helped me gain knowledge and confidence in “thinking” and “speaking” in a statistically sound and defensible manner. He was there when I needed his expertise and guidance the most. I reserve for him my highest praise and appreciation.

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