As an extension of our mission as dissertation coaches, we also help researchers and professors balance their writing projects with the other demands of their professional lives. Faculty coaching is focused on helping you change your approach to your research and writing so that you are motivated, productive, and consistently moving forward towards publication. First and foremost, faculty coaching is about having a positive relationship with a trained coach who understands the needs of professors and the multiple, often conflicting demands of academic life.


What is faculty coaching?

  • Help you as you consider your case for tenure and prepare your dossier and tenure packet or prepare for academic promotions.
  • Help you prepare for conferences, network with others in your field, and find publication opportunities.
  • Faculty coaching is a service tailored to your needs to help you successfully complete your short-term and long-term research and writing projects.
  • It helps you structure the writing process to increase productivity so you make consistent and tangible progress.
  • It helps you identify and change beliefs and behaviors that interfere with your motivation and productivity.
  • Faculty coaching provides accountability and a significant avenue for solving any problems or issues that interfere with your progress.
  • It gives you the support you need to get motivated, stay motivated, and manage the inevitable challenges that arise as you work towards publication, tenure, and promotion.
  • Faculty coaching can help professors, postdocs and lecturers in the humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields at any stage of research or writing and at any point in their careers.
  • It can also be a highly effective means of helping you make the most of sabbaticals, summer breaks, and leaves from the university.

As your faculty coach we will:

  • Coach you to determine realistic short-term and long-term goals.
  • Coach you to reduce procrastination and increase motivation.
  • Coach you to make consistent progress towards meeting your goals.
  • Coach you on any issue that interferes with your progress.
  • Hold you accountable to specific daily and weekly goals.
  • Help you manage the negative self-talk and self-doubt that are often associated with engaging in academic work.
  • Help you change behaviors and habits that interfere with your motivation and productivity.
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