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Professional Editing and Formatting

At The Dissertation Coach, our team of seasoned editors and PhD-level academics will ensure your dissertation, thesis, or manuscript is meticulously polished, formatted, and submission ready.

We stand by the quality of our work. If your committee requests revisions related to the editing we performed, we will make those revisions at no extra fee. We are dedicated to ensuring that your edited dissertation meets the expectations of your committee. 

We Offer the Following Editing and Formatting Services:

Dissertation or Thesis Editing and Formatting

Dissertation or thesis editing and formatting focuses on correcting typos, misspellings, punctuation, grammar, style, syntax, phrasing, transition, flow, and scholarly tone according to academic style guidelines (e.g., APA, MLA, etc.).

Our editors will also format the following elements of your document:

  • Margins, page numbers, spacing, and font
  • Headings
  • Reference list entries, including crosschecking them with in-text citations*
  • Tables
  • Numbers
  • Lists of tables and figures
  • Table of contents

*Note: This service does not include researching and verifying references for accuracy. Our professional editors flag references and in-text citations that are incomplete or do not match. It is the client’s responsibility to verify references for accuracy.

Rate: $0.044 USD per word (excluding appendices, which are formatted and are not typically edited)
Turnaround time ~ 5-7 business days for proposals and 10-14 business days for complete dissertations or theses

Ideal Timeline:

  • Allow 10-14 days for editing and formatting
  • Allocate 2-7 days to review edits and address comments provided by the editor
  • Reserve 4-7 days to work with the editor to correct post-editing revisions (optional)

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing support involves critical analysis of content or organization. 

Professional writers/scholars: We are happy to perform developmental editing for non-student scholars and writers in the early stages of drafting a document for professional publication.

Students: We provided developmental feedback for clients completing a thesis, proposal, or dissertation only as part of our consulting service. If you’d like to learn more about this service, click here to read about our consulting services or schedule a free consultation.

Rate: To be determined after an initial consultation.


Our proofreading service is ideal for those who seek a final check for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and typographical errors. Our editors will meticulously review your document, ensuring that it is error-free and ready for submission.

Professional writers/scholars: We are happy to perform proofreading for scholars in the final stage of the editing process before professional publication. Proofreading occurs after all professional copyediting revisions have been completed and the work is in its final form before publication.

Students: Proofreading for students completing a thesis, proposal, or dissertation occurs as part of the dissertation or thesis editing and formatting process. We do not provide dissertation proofreading as a separate service for students unless we have previously edited their work.

Rate: Estimates provided on a per-job basis.

Turnaround time ~ 3-5 business days

Miscellaneous Editing Services

We offer a variety of assorted editing services including, but not limited to:

  • Reference list editing and formatting
  • Citation cross-checking
  • ProQuest formatting
  • Table of Contents assembly
  • Table formatting
  • Lists of tables and figures assembly

Rate: $90/hr USD


To receive a quote:

Complete the below editing service request form and attach your document as a Word file. Please specify any unique formatting needs in the message box provided. When indicating your deadline, we recommend that you include a 24-48 hour buffer period between the return date and submitting the final doctoral dissertation or thesis to your committee so that you have time to review and address all edits and comments.

We will review your request and issue a quote via email within 24 hours of receiving your editing request. We require full payment in advance or a 25% down payment to reserve time on the calendar for future work. If you are in a rush or have questions, please contact us at