Closeup of a bookshelf with several books lined up in a row and stacked on each other Are you struggling to balance the demands of teaching, research, and service as you quest for tenure? Are you struggling to juggle your academic career and your personal life? Do you need support putting together your tenure packet for review by a tenure committee? We can help!

We help professors who are working towards tenure to balance the tenure journey with the other demands of their professional and personal lives. Tenure coaches help you manage your tenure clock so that you are motivated, productive, and consistently moving forward towards the granting of tenure. Tenure coaches can help you to more effectively deal with the challenging demands of academic life while on the tenure track. We can also provide you with the technical assistance you need to produce a quality tenure packet

What is tenure coaching?

  • Tenure coaches help you as you prepare your case for tenure and promotion.
  • Coaching is a service tailored to your needs to help you successfully complete your short-term and long-term research and writing projects.
  • Tenure coaching helps you structure your writing process to increase productivity so you make consistent and tangible progress.
  • Coaching helps you identify and change beliefs and behaviors that interfere with your motivation and productivity.
  • Tenure coaching provides accountability and a significant avenue for solving problems or issues that interfere with your progress.
  • Coaching gives you the support you need to ensure motivation and manage the inevitable challenges that arise as you work towards tenure and promotion.
  • Coaches will help you to develop a tenure packet that addresses the required guidelines that are set by your department, college, and university.
  • Tenure coaching can help faculty in the liberal arts, humanities, social sciences, biomedical, human services, business, and STEM fields at any stage of their tenure process.

As your tenure coach, we will:

  • Coach you to effectively prioritize and manage the balance of teaching, research, and service responsibilities.
  • Provide meaningful accountability as you progress your case for tenure.
  • Coach you to reduce procrastination and increase motivation in the process of obtaining tenure.
  • Coach you to make consistent progress towards meeting your goals and putting together your tenure packet in a systematic manner.
  • Coach you on any issues that interfere with constructing a strong tenure packet.
  • Hold you accountable to specific daily and weekly goals so you develop your tenure packet in a structured way over time.
  • Help you manage the negative self-talk and self-doubt that are often associated with the process of obtaining tenure.
  • Teach you how to effectively manage relationships with other colleagues and administrators as you pursue tenure.
  • Provide information on how to strategically determine which service opportunities you should engage within.
  • Coach you on how to effectively manage the dynamics, politics, and challenging conversations that can occur within your department.
  • Assist with the selection of appropriate peer-reviewed outlets for your publication work.
  • Provide impartial advice on how to properly structure and edit publications for submission to journals.
  • Help to structure your tenure packet so that it addresses the required guidelines as defined by your department, college, and university.
  • Support you to implement strategies for self-care as you progress towards tenure.