Tracy Thomas, PhD., Psychology

After an exhausting experience writing chapter 2, I knew I needed help editing both my chapter 2 and all of the subsequent chapters to come. Jill Blackwell, PhD helped me streamline a 265 page project into a dissertation that received feedback such as, “this is the best dissertation I’ve ever read” from multiple members of my university. Jill was not only efficient, she was fast, thorough, and spot on with her input. Jill was also incredibly encouraging and enthusiastic about my dissertation, which was validating and motivating. The accessibility I had to Jill, her quick response time and problem solving ability, gave me the feeling that I had a partner, a team member, a mentor, a teacher, a therapist, and a cheerleader along the way. It’s a great thing when you get more and better help than expected, and from someone you’d want to be friends with. I cannot say enough about Jill Blackwell.