Wendy, Doctoral Candidate

April 7, 2021

Working with Dr. Connie Chang was a Godsend! I went from being ABD and stuck for 2 years to being ready to propose within 3 months; I am still in shock about that. I was working on my own with limited direction from my program and no plans on how to get completed soon. I was paired with Dr. Chang and she immediately knew what I needed. She helped me to prioritize and she recommended successful best practice techniques for the entire dissertation process from research and writing to working with my chairperson. Her guidance, assistance with organization, expert knowledge, helped me focus and proved to be the nudge I needed to develop the habits needed to persist. In addition to the dissertation assistance, Dr. Chang is very kind and compassionate and she was authentically interested in my well-being. She has become a trusted advisor who I gladly recommend to anyone in a similar situation. If it was not for Dr. Chang, I would certainly still be in an impossible situation with no plans of how to move forward. Working with Dr. Chang has been very rewarding; I have gained so much more than I ever expected.