Tina Brady, EdD, NCU

April 9, 2016

My work with Ani Moughamian-Rosenberg has been an amazingly wonderful experience. She understands how to help a writer who is stuck. I asked her to help with findings and implications of my qualitative research. She was able to see where giving me a few examples of wording would get me to understand how to tell the story in a better way. With her examples and guidance for two chapters, I was able to go back and correct the entire document to make it read more smoothly and “tell the story” of my research. The reviews of my final submission of the dissertation resulted in comments such as “impressive” and “a model for other dissertation research” from the chair and committee. Ani always returned her suggestions in a timely manner or let me know where she was in the process, and sent me parts I could work on. She also let me know how long it took her to review my work and I couldn’t believe how efficiently she worked. Her insights were amazing and I’m sure the timeline of my dissertation would have been cut in half if I had worked with her from the beginning. Thank you to The Dissertation Coach for connecting me to Amazing Ani!