TD, Dissertation Student

May 12, 2020

The Dissertation Coach has been a dream come true for me. The advice provided by my consultant has proven invaluable. I went The Dissertation Coach without any work completed towards my dissertation other than having half of a topic (one variable chosen and a scale that matched). I followed the initial intake process, which consisted of talking with Dr. Alison Miller, answering questions about my dissertation, and the type of assistance I needed. I was very open about the support I needed and the kind of coach I desired. I was matched with my Dean Spaulding, PhD. Dean is a methodologist/statistician at heart, and we have the same thought process on how to approach work, which helps because it sharpens my natural process of thinking. I am not stating my consultant is incredible because our thought processes are congruent; however, I am saying that my consultant rocks because he has experience in the area I desire to learn from, has published books, he listens, speaks on a level that can be understood, is willing to go over and beyond the call of duty, and he genuinely wants me to succeed. I am not one for feelings; however, the relationships formed by the people at Dissertation Coach are very genuine. They care about you and love what they do. From speaking with other colleagues who utilize these  services, they feel the same type of connections with their consultants. These consultants will not waste your time – they come to calls and video calls prepared and ready to work with you. The best decision you can make is to go to, complete the intake information, speak with Dr. Miller, and begin the process. You will not regret the time you spend with the consultant who is waiting for you.