Susan N. Werkheiser, D.Ed.

March 17, 2014

I found the Dissertation Coach online as I was preparing my dissertation proposal and IRB application. When I began working with Dr. Christopher Bradley, he listened to what I needed, made suggestions, took what I had put together and helped to polish it. As a seasoned researcher, his help with the IRB application was invaluable due to some unique circumstances and his work with me saved my study from needless delays. When my study was complete and I was at the analysis phase of my work, Dr. Bradley was again of immeasurable assistance. With both his statistical experience, qualitative data expertise, and editing skills, he helped my especially negotiate the chapter of my dissertation I was dreading the most. I can say with confidence that Dr. Bradley greatly contributed to my ability in completing my project and ultimately my doctoral degree. I am so glad I made a contact with the Dissertation Coach because now I’m D.Ed. and not ABD!