Steve Tolley, PhD

As I floundered in the dissertation process, the seemingly greatest insurmountable obstacle was full development of the qualitative methodology and research effort set forth in the dissertation proposal. Then, as part of my association with Dissertation Coach, I had the very good fortune to work with The Dissertation Coach team. From our first meeting on Skype, my consultant proved to be an invaluable coach, mentor, advisor, teacher, and supporter. She was truly committed to understanding the scope and intent of my research, helping me understand qualitative methodology to a much greater degree than my classroom exposure, and then in a coaching role gently guided my efforts to conduct and report on the heart of the dissertation my qualitative research effort. Every step of the way in formulating and conducting the research was only possible because of the clarity my consultant brought to the qualitative process. From development of the coding manual, through the analysis and discussion of the results, She provided timely and effective feedback that made me feel pride and resoluteness in my efforts. Without the coaching and encouragement of my consultant, I know that I would not have completed my dissertation. For her extremely important role in making this lifelong academic goal a reality for me, I am eternally grateful.