Steve Tolley, PhD

Like so many other ABD students, I allowed the frustrations and uncertainties of the dissertation process to permit too much time to elapse and created giant crevices of self-doubt in the path to completion that truly seemed to be unbridgeable. With a looming, non-negotiable deadline, I was fortunate enough to discover Dissertation Coach and, through Dr. Miller, work with Dr. Stephanie Latkovski. Beginning with our first meeting on Skype and continuing through submission of the completed dissertation, Dr. Latkovski was either with me or available to me every step of the way. While her title may be coach, she became an indispensible advisor, supporter, counselor, mentor, teacher, and a bright beacon of light in what began as a very dark tunnel of uncertainty. At the onset of working with Dr. Latkovski, a plan leading to dissertation completion was quickly constructed and composed of manageable components. With the successful conclusion of each bite size component she offered further guidance and encouragement, and I felt more confidence and the ability to see with greater clarity the end of the dissertation process.  Dr. Latkovski’s contribution to me achieving my lifelong academic goal of a PhD cannot be adequately expressed in this testimonial and I am forever grateful to her.