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Susanna S., PhD, Counselor Education

I am eternally grateful to Dr. Miller for her recommendation of Dr. Chris Aberson as my stats consultant. From the very beginning, I felt heard and understood. I knew immediately I was in good hands. Dr. Aberson is a wonderful dissertation coach who is knowledgeable, personable, and compassionate. He was very responsive to my needs, especially during the statistical analysis, which required alot of patience from my coach as I asked a million questions. He gently and consistently guided me through the challenging process, from proposal to a successful defense. Due in large part to my dissertation coach, I can now say I completed my PhD. I strongly endorse The Dissertation Coach and their services!

Courtney Fitzgerald, PhD

I had consultations with a few companies before choosing The Dissertation Coach to help me with the statistical analysis for my dissertation. My reason for selecting this company was the support method (no ghostwriting is performed; all work is done by the student). I worked with Dr. Christopher Bradley who was professional, responsive to my emails, and he guided me through analyses according to my hypotheses. The coaching method Dr. Bradley used helped me to feel confident to move forward with other research projects using my dissertation dataset.

Anonymous, PhD

I wholeheartedly recommend working with the Dissertation Coach. I was feeling hopeless about the lack of support I was receiving and my slow progress. I knew if I didn’t make a change, I likely wouldn’t finish my PhD program. During my initial consultation with The Dissertation Coach, I found Alison to be communicative and responsive to my needs and interests. I was paired with Dr. Jim McGinley for statistical consulting. Jim was incredibly responsive and provided the expertise and support I needed to successfully finish my dissertation. He was quick to respond to emails and meeting requests and helped me develop analysis and interpretation plans that were feasible and relevant to my focus and approach. Jim also provided timely support in preparing for important committee meetings.

Anonymous, PhD

I highly recommend this service to anyone seeking guidance on their dissertation. The guidance I received on my statistical analysis was a game changer. Everyone should consult with this service if needing extra advice and expertise on their project.

Marcia ~ From ABD to EdD

I reached out to The Dissertation Coach for support when I was stuck with my Chapters 3 & 4. My study required an understanding of statistics that I just did not have. The response was quick and the price quoted was very reasonable in comparison to other quotes I received. I had my initial conversation with Alison, then was paired with Pam Watters as my statistician. She was so understanding and patient. Fast turnaround and great feedback. Because of her I gained a better understanding the concepts I needed to organize and analyze my data, and was able to speak confidently about my findings. Thank you for helping me successfully completing my chapters and defend my dissertation.

Anonymous, PhD

My experience working with Jim (Dr. Jim McGinley) was extremely positive. He was highly responsive, flexible, and incredibly knowledgeable. Jim helped me take my project from theory to application and was extremely patient with my questions. He explained statistics in a way that was easy to understand and clarified several years of doctoral training. Jim took the time to teach me challenging concepts, often more than once, and ensured that I felt comfortable with the material in theory and application (which is what I requested). Working with Jim was by far the easiest part of completing my project, and he not only helped me feel confident with my data plan and analyses but was a pleasure to work with and was actually interested in my wellbeing and personal progress. Before working with Jim, completing my dissertation felt impossible, but he helped me to produce a final product that I was proud to defend. I highly recommend working with Jim and The Dissertation Coach team.

Anonymous, PhD

My experience with Dr. Jim McGinley and The Dissertation Coach was prefect. Jim provided me with the right level of support and tutoring to be able to successfully do the advanced statistical methods. and write up the results. I would have had to take multiple upper-level stats courses to get the training I received from Jim. Jim is absolutely brilliant and a gifted teacher and mentor. He walked with me from the proposal through the analysis and into the writing of the dissertation. I wholeheartedly recommend Jim and the Dissertation Coach. They are providing the type assistance PhD programs should be providing but clearly do not. I absolutely would not have finished without Jim’s coaching. I looked talked with several other consultants initially. Hands down, The Dissertation Coach is the best!! If you remotely think you need help, you have found the right place.

Dr. Elena McLaughlin, Special Education, Graduate Of Florida Atlantic University

Now that I proudly hold the title of Doctor of Education, I can see more clearly how far I have come. When COVID-19 derailed my first dissertation, I needed statistical consulting for my new project. My own advisor was more of a ‘conceptual’ person. So, I contacted Alison, who then referred me to Nikki. Working with Nikki Alioto was one of the most enjoyable and enriching professional relationships in my academic career. Nikki was genuinely interested in my project, asked all the right questions, and guided me in conducting and interpreting my study. I learned a lot from our sessions, and felt competent and confident during my defense, which I passed with no revisions.


I had an excellent experience working with Christopher Bradley. He helped me work through some pretty complicated statistical analysis and by the end of our sessions I was able to understand/explain every detail. I walked into my dissertation defense with confidence, and I felt really good about the whole process. Christopher was responsive to questions and worked with me at my level of knowledge.

Heather H., PhD

I cannot say enough about The Dissertation Coach! From my initial meeting with Alison, I knew I was in good hands. She matched me with someone who had knowledge and experience in my field. It was a match made in heaven! Quantitative analysis is not an area of strength for me. Nikki Alioto looked closely at my data and explained to me the best way to analyze it. She was available by email/Zoom and always got back to me quickly. Once the data was compiled, Nikki took the time to explain it to me. She also spent extra time making sure I understood and could explain the data thoroughly. I was coached throughout the process and felt comfortable explaining my findings at my defense. Additionally, Nikki took the time to review the data analysis chapter of my dissertation and provided me with valuable feedback. I am so grateful to her and to The Dissertation Coach for assisting me with achieving success.

Marisa, EdD

I am very grateful for my experience and the services I received with Dr. Nikki Alioto. Her coaching and expertise put my mind at ease throughout the statistical analysis process. Dr. Nikki made the daunting task of writing chapter 4 feel much more approachable, manageable, and she was fun to work with too! I am very happy with my final product, and I successfully passed my defense with flying colors. I highly recommend Dr. Nikki Alioto and The Dissertation Coach’s services.

Anonymous, PhD

Jim (Dr. McGinley) was the only statistician of several I consulted with who was able to advise me about the more complex aspects of my project. He was patient with my high standards and struck just the right balance between following my lead and providing his own recommendations. It was important to me that everything we did was something I fully understood and could reproduce on my own, and he was supportive of that as well. He took time to teach and provide references for me to look more deeply into important ideas. He was also highly responsive and turned around requests quickly. I would recommend highly to anyone serious about their project being completed to a high standard and with integrity.

Kendra, PhD

Dr. Angela Glymph was AMAZING! She took my data and was able to analyze it quickly. She’s amazing! I couldn’t have done it without her and without this company. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Julie, PsyD, School Psychology

Completing my dissertation felt overwhelming and impossible until I began working with Dr Dean Spaulding. I had previously completed my dissertation proposal and gathered my data and was struggling to approach the statistics. Dean listened to me and helped me to see clearly what analyses were needed so that I could answer my research questions. Then he worked with me to know how to run and interpret each statistical test. He provided me with helpful feedback and encouragement throughout the process. I was also surprised to find that it didn’t take as long as I thought it would to complete my dissertation when I had support. I am now done with my dissertation and I can confidently say I know what I did, why I did it, and what each result means, Dean was amazing- I would (and have) recommended him to all of my classmates and colleagues looking to finish their dissertations.

Emily B., MA

I am thrilled with the support and assistance I received by Aaron Brown and Alison Miller. When I first reached out to The Dissertation Coach team, I was quite frazzled by my tight timeline and lack of knowledge for statistical analysis. Aaron and Alison were extremely responsive and almost instantly provided me the reassurance I needed. Even more, I was deeply impressed by Aaron’s expertise, professionalism, patience, and clear explanations. After one meeting I knew I was in the best hands. I wouldn’t have been able to complete my thesis without them!

Anonymous, PhD

I just wanted to share my experience with Dr. Angela Glymph, one of your dissertation coaches, regarding my dissertation process. I believe she was instrumental in the expedient completion of my dissertation. Her help with data analysis and my understanding of the data made the process less complicated and facilitated my ability to speak confidently regarding my findings. My ability to understand this data also helped me effectively write my dissertation in a way that was accepted the first time by my dissertation committee with minimal corrections. Dr. Glymph also coached me through the defense process and provided valuable insight into areas of strength and weaknesses in the my defense delivery. Her coaching significantly reduced my anxiety and helped me address questions during the dissertation defense. I was complemented at various points in my dissertation on my expedient delivery and completion of the final dissertation, which I attribute greatly to those who helped me along the way. I believe that Dr. Glymph was one of those key individuals and I am very pleased that I retained your company’s services. I would gladly recommend your company to others based on my experience with Dr. Glymph.

Regina Patterson, EdD

Please accept my gratitude towards your company, specifically Dr. Meena Clowes for the flawless statistical support she provided during the past few months as I completed my dissertation and Oral Defense. She was always punctual and provided timely and helpful advice in interpreting and resolving statistical data and issues with my dissertation. I am also thankful to you Dr. Miller for identifying, developing, and employing truly professional and respectful staff members who treat clients with dignity and respect. Dr. Clowes always listened to my requests and asked questions to understand my needs. Dr. Clowes’ expertise and professionalism epitomized your company’s motto: Let us Coach you to the finish fine! Not only did she coach me to the finish line, she also provided concise, clear, timely instructions, and pertinent research, which assisted in propelling me across the finish line. Thanks again Dr. Miller for establishing a genuinely professional company with your clients’ needs at the core of your business. I wish you continued success and would recommend your company and Dr. Meena Clowes to anyone who is in need of assistance pertaining to their dissertation.

J.H. PhD

I would definitely recommend Dr. Dean Spaulding! His expertise in statistical analyses made it possible for me to complete my doctoral journey. He was thorough, timely, and enthusiastic throughout the entire process. I could not have completed the statistical analyses without his help.

Anonymous, PhD

Excellent service and a great support system for Ph.D. students! Alison and Christopher were always attentive to my needs. Cristopher was my statistician. He was always responsive to my emails and provided substantive answers to all my questions. He is patient, respectful, and made me feel valued as a student. Christopher explained stats thoroughly and in a way that I could understand. Working with Christopher I felt like I learned 3 years of statistics in a very short of time. He’s a great teacher and consultant whom I strongly recommend!. It’s a wonderful service! I’m so glad I found The Dissertation Coach and had the opportunity to work with Christopher. The only regrets I have is that I didn’t sign up sooner during my Ph.D. journey. -Dr. Anonymous, Ph.D.

Cindy D. PhD Higher Education Leadership

I am so grateful for the support of the Dissertation Coach! My consultations with Alison Miller were helpful and compassionate and she connected me to Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir who was so helpful to me in keeping me going, encouraging me, and helping me stay on track to my goals – my only regret was not contacting them years ago! I also got great assistance from Deirdre Rogers with my stats – her assistance helped me push through questions when I was stumped and helped me stay on track with completing my data analysis. I highly recommend these individuals and the services of The Dissertation Coach – their services were a great help to me in crossing the PhD finish line!

Susan H., Ph.D. Educational Leadership

I hired the Dissertation Coach consulting group specifically for help with my statistical analysis. Nikki Alioto a highly skilled statistics consultant. Alison Miller, the company owner, also answered all of my questions that I had regarding resources I was looking for. I successfully defended my dissertation this spring. I highly recommend their services to help you get to the finish line!

Simone M. DiMatteo, BSBA, MSOL, PHD

The Dissertation Coach has been an integral part of my success in attaining my PhD. I used them for both statistics and editing services on my dissertation/thesis. I found them to be reliable, affordable and collaborative. Dean Spaulding was my amazing coach and helped me take my ideas for my dissertation providing the quantitative statistical solution to attain my goal. He was invaluable to my success both with his knowledge and feedback. I loved working with Dean because he added perspective to my results and was a vital resource for me. I highly recommend having someone to help you navigate this process like The Dissertation Coach.

Anonymous. PsyD Clinical Psychology

I am incredibly grateful for The Dissertation Coach, as I don’t think I could have completed my program without their assistance! My ONLY regret is that I didn’t contact them sooner! I was not receiving the support and assistance from my chair and committee and I got exactly that from the dissertation coach! Speaking with Dr. Alison Miller (although, she humbly goes by Alison) on the phone for the initial consultation was like a breath of fresh air! Based on my needs, Alison set me up with Dr. Dean Spaulding (also, humbly goes by first name basis), who was incredibly knowledgeable and extremely supportive throughout the process. I had a very limited time frame in which to complete my dissertation and pass my defense and they helped make it happen! The idea behind this company is genius and their services are well worth every penny! They give you peace of mind and help you get to the finish line! I couldn’t have done it without you, Dean! Thank you, Dean and Alison, you’re the best!

Robyn Miller

I contacted The Dissertation Coach, after a very bad experience with another editor for my PhD dissertation. I was contacted almost immediately and was set up with Dean Spaulding within a day. Dean was very nice, very professional, and was extremely knowledgeable in both statistics and editing. It was so nice to have someone who was experienced in both. Dean was very understanding and answered emails very promptly. I would highly recommend The Dissertation Coach, it was worth every dime. I am a first generation college student and getting a PH.D was new territory. It was so nice to have someone like Dean to confide in and ask questions. He never made me feel like I was incompetent and was always supportive! Thank you Dean!

Lauren, MSc Psychology

I wanted to thank you for your assistance in getting me set up with Joe Taylor for my master’s dissertation in London, U.K. Joe was exceptional, and I believe that I would not have been able to get through it without his guidance. He explained various complex analyses in terms I could understand, and walked me step by step through the analyses, and interpretation of the data. I felt comfortable to ask questions that I normally won’t feel comfortable asking a supervisor or professor. Joe made time for me for each follow-up session and worked around my schedule. By the time my due date came around, I felt confident not only with my data and analyses but content for my thesis. Again, this was in huge part thanks to Joe and his guidance. If I find myself in need of guidance for future school projects, I hope to reach out to Joe again.

Anonymous, PhD

Jim saved my doctoral degree!! He is professional, timely, hard-working, patient, an expert in stats, and he really listens to what YOU want and does his best to accommodate your specific stats needs. I learned more about stats from working with him in a year than I did in all of my years in graduate school. I don’t have anything negative to say about working with him at all, and in fact, I felt he often went above and beyond, which at times surprised me, as my negative dissertation experience had left me somewhat cynical.

MSc Education, University Of South Wales, UK

I was already working against deadline submission when I got in contact with The Dissertation Coach. Talking to Alison Miller put my mind to ease as she quickly understood what I needed and sent me to the right person. And when I say the right person, he couldn’t have been a better fit. Dean Spaulding, the co-author to Methods in Educational Research, was able to help me with statistics and guide me through writing up my findings. I can’t say enough about the quality, the speed, the attention to detail and the effectiveness of his work, and all within the committed deadlines!

LM Davis, The University Of Alabama

My experience working with Dr. Meena Clowes and The Dissertation Coach team was outstanding. I found Dr. Clowes to be an excellent coach, wonderful resource, and thoroughly supportive educator. I received prompt, personalized attention and successfully completed my dissertation and defense ahead of schedule. Highly recommend!


Nikki Alioto has been wonderful and a great source of help! She was always very responsive and willing to answer any of my questions no matter how small. She was a pleasure to work with!

Anonymous, PhD

Jim McGinley is phenomenal. I have a strong math and analytical background, but I was uncertain on how to move forward with statistical modeling I’d never done before. I had a clear understanding of what I needed to do but I had no idea how to do it. I met Jim and not only did he walk me through the steps to a modeling technique I’d never used, but he provided manuscripts and resources to help ensure I understood what I was doing. Jim was a patient teacher and coach, and he helped me attain my goal of truly learning how to do complete this task. I’m walking away with more knowledge and am grateful for the help.

Anonymous, PhD

I had been languishing for months in the dissertation doldrums when I finally called The Dissertation Coach and was connected with Jim. I had been paralyzed by anxiety and confusion about analyses for my dissertation. Jim was a great guide through the statistical wilderness of structural equation modeling, and a voice of reason to keep me from creating a lot of unnecessary work for myself. He was amiable, responsive, and very knowledgeable. In addition to helping me understand the statistics, he helped to quell my insecurity and feel confident that I was on the right track. Jim worked with my schedule and got back to me quickly, even with short turn-around times as I was scrambling to finish. He gave thoughtful feedback on materials I sent and was available for phone check-ins when I needed. With Jim’s help, I passed my dissertation defense with aplomb and was praised by my committee for how well I had mastered the statistical analyses. Thanks, Jim!


im McGinley was a wonderful resource and instrumental in my dissertation proposal. I have some familiarity with the statistical methods I hoped to perform, and Jim quickly calibrated to my current level and needs. His natural curiosity and desire to help are huge assets, and he made great recommendations based on my specific research questions and goals for the project. Perhaps most importantly, he was incredibly responsive to my concerns and questions, and not at all intimidating. He always made sure to follow up to see if I had any issues, and was professional and competent. Jim really cared about the final research project, and I can’t express my recommendation strongly enough!

Anonymous, Doctorate Of Education, Curriculum & Instruction Program

The statistical analysis consulting provided by Dr. Christopher Bradley exceeded my expectations!! He was always quick to respond to every question I had and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. I was initially skeptical about using an online service for assistance with my dissertation but ultimately it was a decision I most certainly do not regret. I highly recommend using this company and will continue to recommend their services to other doctoral students.


About a year and a half before my dissertation defense, I was at a standstill with the statistical component of my dissertation and was not sure if I would even be able to complete the writing if I did not get the help I needed. My data set is extremely large and complex, and I was unsure as to how to manage and go about choosing the most appropriate tests to use. Needless to say, the light at the end of the tunnel was extremely dim. But I reached out to Alison Miller and she introduced me to Jim McGinley. Once I started working with Jim, everything (in terms of my PhD journey) changed, allowing me to see the light in a rather short period of time. Not only is Jim tremendously knowledgeable in an array of statistical methods, he is extremely personable, patient, kind, and professional. I am the type of person that asks lots of questions and really tries to understand the innerworkings of things and for some that can be difficult to handle. But, this was not the case for Jim. He was always willing to go above and beyond with making sure that I understood the things we were working on as he is genuinely concerned with his clients’ comprehension of the statistical tests. Jim is also extremely organized and always responded to my concerns in a timely manner—he never missed a deadline. Jim is someone you can rely on, hands down. I am forever grateful to Jim McGinley for his role in the completion of my dissertation and I highly recommend him as the ideal go-to-stats consultant. In sum, the Dissertation Coach is an incredible organization that will support you to the finish line—thank you, Alison Miller!


My coauthors and I used Jim McGinley for a research project. The project called for a type of statistical analysis that none of us had done before. Jim walked us through the analysis and gave us code that served as a template for what we wanted to do. Jim also read through our results to ensure that we were reporting the output in a clear and concise manner. I plan to use Jim again if I find myself in a situation where I am doing unfamiliar analyses. I highly recommend him.


Working with Nikki was amazing. I was on a tight deadline and desperate for assistance in my statistical analysis. Nikki was so easy to work with and always supportive. She walked me through everything and really went above and beyond in a quick turnaround. Even when I had follow up questions, she was quick to respond and explain things so I could understand. Without her patience and expertise, I would not have completed my dissertation. I just wish I would have reached out for help sooner. I just did not know this type of service was available. It is work every penny! Thank you Nicole!

L. Machen

The services of The Dissertation Coach saved my dissertation. I had no supporting advisors or mentors at my university as the program I was completing had dissolved well before my completion of the dissertation. Finding no remaining faculty that were available to me to rely on, I had to find help… GOOD HELP! I found The Dissertation Coach in an online search and am delighted with the results. My needs at the time were to find support for the statistics end of things, and I cannot tell you how helpful Rowena Robles was in coaching and supporting me through this difficult process. As I had no confidence in this area myself, she led me through the process to a completion level where I have full confidence. I defend in two weeks and I know I am ready and that I understand my analytic section completely. I highly recommend this company as they are well organized and very responsive to the overly stressed and high consequence nature of the dissertation process.

Anonymous, PhD

I reached out to Dr. Alison Miller in August 2016 and after such a pleasant conversation, she quickly referred me to Dr. Deirdre Rogers for help with my statistical analyses. Deirdre was an exceptional support; she was incredibly professional, efficient, and reliable. Through very many phone meetings and email exchanges, Deirdre always answered my numerous questions. I was always able to set up a phone meeting with her, and she was very quick to answer by email. Alison checked in from time to time, which I really appreciated especially since I did not have a good experience with my previous stats consultant. Deirdre and Alison coached me right to the finish line, and I am so grateful for their support. I would highly recommend their services!

PhD, Nursing

Jim McGinley helped me tremendously in successfully completing my PhD. From the start, it was clear what the agreement was. He actually offered two different options of pricing (with presentation consult & without) as well as a breakdown of what I was paying for up front. Understanding path analysis within the structural equation modeling framework did not come easy to me. In addition to helping me with my analysis section his guidance on my methods and results sections were much needed. He guided me through the statistics to help me understand my results and to be able to confidently defend my dissertation. When my committee had further questions, he helped me to address them to their satisfaction. Getting my dissertation was not easy but getting encouragement that it was doable was so needed at that stage of my studies. I am thankful for Jim and for Alison for their support.

Dr. N.

After completing my literature review and quantitative survey, I was challenged by how best to interpret the data. The Dissertation Coach connected me with Christopher Bradley who quickly saw which analytical tools were applicable based on the data set. Christopher not only guided me through understanding the regression analysis, but also assisted tremendously with interpreting the results. He was always willing to check if other results were possible or valuable whenever I had different thoughts along the way. Doctoral candidates do not normally know every aspect of all the analytical tools available. Consulting an expert from The Dissertation Coach proved to be one of my better decisions. I am also extremely comfortable with the level of trust and confidentiality that The Dissertation Coach offers. After starting with Christopher, all my apprehension and concern diminished. The Dissertation Coach has a knowledgeable team and provides a one-on-one service second to none that allows direct contact with the consultants via email and telephone. Thank you to The Dissertation Coach!

R. S., PhD

The statistical team at The Dissertation Coach was instrumental in helping organize and present all the data! The professor on the defense committee who is the “stat” expert specifically referenced the data analysis and clarity of presentation. This compliment reflects back to The Dissertation Coach! They understood my research focus and needs and put it all together! Truly an amazing job! I am still emotional about my successful defense. The committee was so impressed they made a recommendation for journal publication and national conference speaking presentation. Again, it came down to the data and analysis as well as presentation. Thank you for your support and service!

Anonymous, PhD, Psychology, Texas

I was facing a tight deadline in order to graduate as planned when I sought out assistance from The Dissertation Coach. Although I had taken a course on SEM, it had not prepared me adequately for the advanced analysis that I needed in order to complete my dissertation. My statistics consultant (Jim McGinley) and I devised a plan and he was sure that he could help me to cross the finish line. Each step of the way his response was prompt and informative. He helped me to complete my analysis and I am happy to say that I successfully defended my dissertation last month. Due to the expert assistance from my coach, I am graduating soon and will embark on my next phase as a professional. Needless to say, I highly recommend these services because it helped me meet my goals and avoided paying costly tuition for an additional semester’s enrollment.

Anonymous, PhD

Jim McGinley helped me learn how to use some statistical tools (like MPlus) to analyze data that I had never used before. With Jim’s help and support, I am now much more confident using new data analysis techniques, which has improved my own research and my confidence in reviewing papers. Jim is clear, patient, and extremely helpful. It is amazing to have someone that you can go to with statistics questions and trust that he will spend the time to help you become confident approaching the problem on your own. I found working with Jim a much more efficient use of my time than trying to learn the software and techniques on my own, and I will not hesitate to reach out to Jim in the future if I ever want to discuss statistical issues with another highly skilled person.

Elizabeth, PhD, Arizona State University

After consulting with Alison Miller, she handpicked Jennifer Gonzalez to work with me based on my topic and Jennifer’s background. I had completed half my dissertation at that point, but needed some extra help with running my statistics and understanding the results. Jennifer was instrumental in my success and was so reassuring – she would have conference calls as needed and would get back to me via email regarding any questions that I had in a matter of hours. The cost was so reasonable and the extra one on one tutoring was worth every single penny. I highly recommend The Dissertation Coach. They can provide exactly the support you need during an incredibly stressful time.

Debra, PhD, Miami

When I reached chapter four of my dissertation, I contacted The Dissertation Coach for help with statistical analysis. It certainly was a worthwhile investment. Kathy Stansbury was committed to my success. She provided clear, concise explanations every step of the way. Whether it be via phone or email, I felt like I was interacting with a friend. Thanks to Kathy, I defended my dissertation with confidence and earned my PhD.

Carolyn, PhD

I dedicate those three letters after my name to Jim McGinley. My dissertation journey was long, complicated and gut wrenching at times. It wasn’t until I started working with Jim about one year before my defense that I was able to turn a corner in the process and finally reach the finish line. He provided step by step guidance for each analysis and helped me to feel confident in my methods and results. He answered every tiny question promptly (often within minutes) and helped to bolster my ability to answer my own questions. He checked in on my progress throughout and was always available when deadlines started to pop up with very little notice. Our Sunday morning dissertation defense prep calls were so valuable to me in helping me to feel completely prepared to defend all questions from my committee. My committee was blown away by the amount of work put into the methods section–and the clarity in which every step was explained. And to my astonishment, my very opinionated committee accepted my dissertation at my defense with no revisions. Jim was one of the first people I reached out to after this milestone since he was truly with me every step of the way. I am beyond grateful to Jim and know that I as continue to move forward professionally he will be the first person I reach out to for any and all methods related questions.


Working with The Dissertation Coach was a solid investment. I was able to be more confident in my knowledge of statistics and SPSS and felt prepared before my defense. Without The Dissertation Coach, I would not have been able to complete and successfully defend my dissertation. I would highly recommend this service!

Anonymous, PhD

The team at The Dissertation Coach were responsive and efficient in their work with me. For a stressed out PhD student, availability was quite important. I very much appreciated their patience with me.

Anonymous, PhD

I thank the statistics God for directing me to Jim McGinley and The Dissertation Coach. I was having tremendous concerns about the results chapter and anxiety around whether I would finish my dissertation. I was at a loss and did not know where to turn. Fortunately, I sought guidance and found Jim. He was both patient and knowledgeable and took the time to understand the topic and purpose of my paper. He guided me through every step of the process, including the last step of preparing for my defense. I cannot emphasize the support he provided, from the statistical analyses, explanations, tables, and everything else that goes along with this very challenging chapter. We had bi-weekly meetings to discuss the progress, my next steps, and answer any and all questions I had. The feedback he provided allowed me to develop a greater understanding of my statistical plan and my overall study. He is absolutely an expert in the statistical realm, not to mention a pleasure to work with. He is honest, practical, diligent, and takes such care of his clients. I could not have had a better experience. Jim was my lifeline and an invaluable component of completing my PhD.

Cynthia Phillips, EdD, Curriculum And Instruction, Liberty University

After a quick “Google” search and contacting several services available to provide support to me as I struggled to understand and utilize SPSS for the statistics in my quantitative study, I watched Alison’s video for the Dissertation Coach. I was drawn in immediately, but the frankness and honesty displayed through the process led me to contract with the Dissertation Coach to help finish my dissertation. Alison matched me with a statistician, Harry McGinnis,who was just right for my study. I was able to complete the process in just a few short weeks. I absolutely recommend The Dissertation Coach for anyone working to complete a thesis or dissertation. They provide great feedback and gently guide you along the way. The cost is very reasonable, too!

J. Swartz, EdD

Dr. Miller was right! She said she had the perfect match for my time crunch and Dr. Kathy Stansbury supported my statistical efforts for my dissertation. She assisted me from the point of creating a data analysis plan all the way through the presentation of the findings. She surpassed my expectations. I highly recommend this team!


The Dissertation Coach has been amazing to work with. I have learned more about statistics than I have in statistic courses. They you through everything in order to help you understand your analyses, findings, etc. This was a great learning experience and it was definitely helpful in terms of completing this milestone. I highly recommend The Dissertation Coach.


My experience with The Dissertation Coach has been amazing since the moment I chose to email Dr. Alison Miller (owner) for more information. Dr. Miller patiently listened to my needs, frustrations with the dissertation process, and concerns about utilizing an agency, all the while showing genuine interest in my dissertation topic. Overall, I could not be happier with the services that The Dissertation Coach provided to me. I would highly recommend this company to all those in need of dissertation help!


When it was time to write my dissertation prospectus, I was told it was to be the first three chapters of my dissertation. I looked everywhere for guidelines on how to actually write a dissertation, but there were none to be found in my department and the grad college guidelines were broad and vague. I read dozens of other dissertations in my field trying to get a feel for what I was supposed to do. Soon, I was confused and overwhelmed. I worked full time, so I did not have much opportunity to work on other projects with my committee. They were exceptionally busy and with my schedule, we did not have much time to meet. I knew I needed a personal consultant who could devote time to walk me through the process. I did lots of research and called lots of agencies, but never felt good about any of them. Then I called the Dissertation Coach. Alison Miller called me back right away. She seemed to understand everything I was going through. This organization is everything they advertise themselves to be and I would never have been able to complete my dissertation without them. The costs were very reasonable and the billing process was amazingly easy. The invoices came to me via email and I was able to pay by PayPal with a click of a button. So simple and worth every penny. The last thing I needed during that time of stress was problems dealing with paying invoices. All I can say is THANK YOU for providing such a valuable and much needed service!

C. S., PhD In Finance, School Of Management And Technology

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Dr. McGinnis. Dr. Miller, you matched me up with the perfect Dissertation Coach and Statistician. Dr. McGinnis was great to work with and he did an excellent job. Once I gave him my Proposal, he provided me with some sound recommendations. He was always professional, courteous, and attentive with my concerns and questions. He was prompt to respond to my questions and was quick with providing me my data analysis. I enjoyed my experience with your staff and I am so grateful that you provide such a tremendous service.

I will graciously recommend others to your service!

Anonymous, PhD

Jim McGinley at The Dissertation Coach comes at my highest recommendation for assistance and support with dissertation statistics. Jim’s work was truly lifesaving and an integral part of my dissertation process. Jim was reliable, prompt, and kind at all times. He walked me through the consulting process and was always responsive to each of my (many) questions throughout the months we worked together. His expertise was invaluable and I could not be more thankful that I had his help for one of the most important projects of my graduate school career. Thanks Jim!

Anonymous, PhD In Psychology

Dr. Jim McGinley was an invaluable help to me in running SEM analysis for my dissertation. I had no idea how much I had gotten in over my head, but Dr. McGinley was patient, knowledgeable, and responsive. I seriously do not think I could have done it without him. My data were extremely complex, and required much more advanced statistics than the majority of graduate students would be able to handle alone. I appreciate Jim’s help and patience as we worked together for months to get the analysis just right.

Dr. Erika Ziedler

The consultant, Harry McGinnis, who was assigned to me was amazing. After nearly being scammed by one company and receiving incomplete work from another consultant, I was very hesitant to use another service. However, I was at a point in my data analysis where I was unable to proceed without assistance. Harry was professional, helpful, and his work was above standard. He always responded quickly and made himself available to answer any and all questions. I went into my dissertation defense confidently, and my committee commented they should have recorded my presentation as an example for future students. I am sure that my success is due in part to the support that Harry provided me through The Dissertation Coach. Thank you for all of your hard work and assistance.

Pamela, Doctoral Student

I worked with Deirdre Rogers and she was excellent. She was professional, organized and clearly communicated how she would analyze the data and she gave me an accurate timeline for when she would have the work completed. I ended up needing additional work done beyond my original requests for assistance and she was very helpful and timely in completing those requests as well. I would highly recommend her services.

A.P., Doctoral Candidate In Clinical Psychology

Jim McGinley was fantastic. He zeroed in on my needs immediately and worked incredibly quickly to help complete my statistical analyses. The statistician on my committee agreed with everything Jim suggested — and up until then, nothing I did could please that committee member! Jim’s turnaround time was amazing, and he was extremely responsive over email and efficient during our phone calls. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with him. I truly believe that he is the reason I finished up my dissertation in just a few months after years of spinning my wheels. As cliché as it sounds, my only regret is that I didn’t use Jim sooner!

Ryan Giffen, PhD, Hospitality Management

The Dissertation Coach, specifically, Harry McGinnis proved to be a true asset throughout my time as a doctoral student. Knowing that statistics was my Achilles’ heal, I reached out to the dissertation coach for help. Harry was patient, understanding, and motivating when it came to my countless emails and phone calls. Through his guidance, I started to grasp statistics and the data analysis in which I deployed in my research. Thanks to Harry’s qualities and The Dissertation Coach, I was able to successfully complete a solid body of research and earn a PhD!

David F., Doctoral Student, Australia

Alison and her team were delightful and helpful to deal with. They listened to my requirements and then aligned a resource that worked through statistical models to help me complete my research. I would definitely recommend there services. Pleasure to deal with.

C. Miller, EdD

After struggling through the final few classes of my dissertation, I called The Dissertation Coach and was put in contact with Dr. Christopher Bradley. Immediately, I knew that he was going to help me finalize my dissertation. He was very knowledgeable about my topic and saw that there were some fundamental flaws with my stats. After only three months of Dr. Bradley guiding me, I was all set for my oral defense which I passed with flying colors. I wish I would have contacted The Dissertation Coach three years ago! Thank you for all of your help!

KV, Ed.D, Counseling Psychology

I feel that using The Dissertation Coach was one of the best decisions I made while completing my dissertation. I worked directly with Christopher Bradley, PhD. He was amazing, professional, and knowledgeable. I needed assistance with the statistical analysis portion of my dissertation. His expertise made me feel comfortable and made such a difference in me finally finishing in a timely manner. Thank you Christopher and The Dissertation Coach for the support and guidance that you provided.

Student At The University Of Liverpool

It was very enjoyable working with The Dissertation Coach on the statistical analysis portion of my dissertation. He was instrumental in working out the best solution to my analysis, guiding me through SPSS, hypothesis testing explanations, and writing up my findings. I would highly recommend The Dissertation Coach to those that need some direction in statistical analysis.

Anonymous, Ed.D.

Originally I questioned using a service to help me with my dissertation. I explored several services prior to engaging The Dissertation Coach. Several other companies offered to provide me a quote on receiving the data without any further conversation. The Dissertation Coach was only willing to provide a quote based on learning more details about my work and talking directly with me. What made me move forward with The Dissertation Coach was the fact that the first statistician Dr. Miller matched me too was honest and told me that he did not feel he had the right expertise to assist me. Dr. Miller then matched me to Dr. Christopher Bradley who did have the experience and skills to assist me. After this experience, I felt confident that this service would not take on clients that it could not realistically help.

My committee was aware that I had engaged a statistician and mathematical editor. My challenge was in the area of statistics and I needed to have a editor to check for accuracy. Dr. Bradley ensured that I had written and conducted the data analysis correctly. He reviewed my methodology and results chapters for accuracy as well as making recommendations on my writing. In addition, my conversations with Dr. Bradley helped me effectively evaluate my own work and prepare for the defense. I definitely feel that the service augmented the committee’s support and speed up the entire process and gave me additional confidence at the defense.

E. L, EdD, Curriculum Leadership

My dissertation involved analyzing a large amount of data. Even though I only have a surface level understanding of statistics, I was planning on learning the software and doing the analysis myself. I was spending a great deal of time learning how to do this and became completely overwhelmed. I had heard of statistical consultants and through a search found The Dissertation Coach. I had a free phone consultation with The Dissertation Coach and learned so much just from our brief phone call. My statistician was very clear about what services he would provide and gave an accurate estimate of the cost. I sent Dr. Bradley my data and within days he had the analysis done and talked me through each step so that I felt prepared to write about the results. He responded very promptly to each of my emails and answered my many questions throughout the process. I can honestly say that this was the best money I have spent. It saved me hours of work and Dr. Bradley really helped me feel comfortable with the statistics so that I could confidently write about them. I can’t say enough about what a positive experience I had with The Dissertation Coach.

CP., PsyD In Clinical Psychology

The Dissertation Coach provided wonderful service to me. If you’re considering this service, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. Thank you.

Anonymous, Ph.D., School Psychology

After struggling with my dissertation for many years with little help from my committee, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed. I was ready to throw in the towel. I then turned to The Dissertation Coach. Despite being on a short timeline, due to several extensions, my statistician was professional, meticulous and articulate. She was also very empathetic and warm. After the initial phone conference, I felt as though I was speaking with an old friend. She helped me develop a manageable plan, assisted me with multiple edits, explained difficult statistics to me in an understandable manner, and coached me prior to defense. She spoke with me on the phone as needed and answered all of my emails promptly. My statistician made the entire process more feasible and helped me work through severe anxiety issues associated with the process. Thank you very much!

Susan, PhD

Working with The Dissertation Coach has been a great learning experience, going above and beyond my expectations. My statistician, Dr. Christopher Bradley, provided many points of consideration for my study, during pre-analysis consultation and discussion, working to make my study even better than originally planned. His work product is clear, understandable, and with timely delivery. He walked me through each step of the process and analysis, remaining available post-analysis for questions via phone and email. In our phone discussions he never made me feel inferior in my knowledge or as if I did not know what I was trying to accomplish. He always focused on the my strengths and challenged me to look deeper. An excellent experience that cut my timeline down considerably. Would recommend him and the dissertation consultants to anyone who needs help in the dissertation struggle.

Jeff, EdD, Educational Administration

The dissertation process is a very hard process to get through, and Dr. Miller’s company successfully was able to get me through the process in under 4 months. I contacted The Dissertation Coach in March of 2012 and told her how I was stuck in the revision/pre IRB dissertation proposal stage. I let her know that I really needed help getting through chapter 4; the statistics section of the dissertation. It took us only a week to come up with a new statistical plan. My statistician helped me through the proposal and in one month I passed the IRB and was ready to collect my data. Over the next two or three months, my statistician advised me through the writing of chapters 4 and 5 and on July 27, 2012 I set up my dissertation defense. He then reviewed chapters 4 and 5 of my dissertation and told me I was ready to defend. I am now Dr. Jeff! Thank you for your excellent assistance.

J.M.C., Ph.D.

I just successfully completed my dissertation defense in the fall of 2011. It went extremely well, with few revisions and I owe a large part of that to the guidance and support of your team. I contacted your company after extensive research of dissertation coaches and it paid off! I never dreamt that a statistician could provide so much encouragement and guidance throughout the last two chapters. Keep up the good work and be assured your service is a vital one to all us new scholars.

Jennifer Smith, University Of Pennsylvania

I wholeheartedly recommend The Dissertation Coach to anyone who seeks statistical assistance. Having first tried working with two other statisticians who did not deliver on what they promised, I know what to look for (and what to avoid), and my statistician provided professional, informative, and productive statistics with rapid turnaround. He also took the time to carefully explain the selection of statistics for my study and how they should be interpreted. At the completion of our work together, I felt I had learned more about statistics than I did in the actual statistics classes I took in graduate school. I would embark on another quantitative study only with my statistician as my guide.

Julie Marsden, Doctoral Student

The Dissertation Coach has been a tremendous help. My statistician is extremely knowledgeable but he explains everything step by step. I feel much more confident about my project having worked with The Dissertation Coach on the analysis and findings.

M.B., Doctoral Student

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team at The Dissertation Coach. My statistician is patient, understanding, and a clear thinker. He is an outstanding teacher and is great at helping you sort through the complex world of statistics. He explains things in a clear and concise manner. My interactions have been very professional. It is clear that he enjoys his work and working with students.

D. S., Doctoral Student

Christopher Bradley at the Dissertation Coach is thorough, efficient and presents results in a way that is easy to comprehend. He has a knack for making complicated analyses understandable. He has addressed my many questions with clear, quick responses and seems genuinely concerned that I grasp the details of the methods and analyses. He has been a pleasure to work with.

Sheila Astuccio, PhD

The Dissertation Coach has provided statistical and editing expertise for my doctoral dissertation report. My statistician statistical editing approach included time to allow comprehension of the best statistical approach to respond to my research questions. He patiently explained the regression analysis option used with SPSS. He was respectful, responsive, and thorough to assure that the dissertation analysis and interpretation was reflective of the research questions for my study. It has been a pleasure to work with my statistician due to his concern for a successful outcome. Thank you very much.

Robert S. Frey

My direct experience with the leadership and subject matter-experts of Ms. Alison Miller’s “The Dissertation Coach” was genuinely extraordinary and highly beneficial to me during the pivotal pre-defense stage of my dissertation. The level of customer care provided was characterized by rapid responsiveness, beginning with my initial query and continuing throughout our interaction together. Special recognition of the statistical acumen and interpersonal skills of my statistician is richly deserved. He approached statistical treatment of my dataset in the context of my overall dissertation and the associated research questions and hypotheses going far beyond treating the data as merely “input” for SPSS statistical software. Patiently and steadily, he assisted me in understanding the strengths and constraints of specific statistical approaches. He helped me gain knowledge and confidence in “thinking” and “speaking” in a statistically sound and defensible manner. He was there when I needed his expertise and guidance the most. I reserve for him my highest praise and appreciation.

Dr. Kay L Prendergast

I had the pleasure of working with The Dissertation Coach during an extremely stressful time of my life. I was working and traveling as well as finishing my dissertation. During this time I also experienced several unexpected family deaths which pushed me the limit. I truly believe that without the professionalism and statistical expertise of The Dissertation Coach team I would not have succeeded or finished my PhD. They have excellent listening skills and is very open to client feedback which makes for a high quality finished product.

Kim Clark, PhD

My statistician provided excellent statistical analysis and explained the analyses he used and why he used them. He was able to explain the results. He answered any questions I had and was available at any time. He also provided a disc that tracked his actions in SPSS so that the person can actually see what he had done.