Sophie, PhD

I am so lucky to have found Alison’s company online and to have had Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir as my coach. Just when I was about to quit dissertating, she coached me to communicate well and form functional relationships with advisors, committee members, the DGS, the Graduate School, my editor, other students, and even unthoughtful or ignorant friends, acquaintances, and family members.

Rebecca is practical and encouraging, and she even predicts and foresees obstacles. Among the many effective strategies Rebecca taught me, my favorite ones are (1) to reward myself even with something small such as a pat on my shoulder after some hard work was done; (2) when feeling stuck, to move to other libraries or spaces to work; and (3) when feeling anxious, jog or run. “Movement in one area leads to another,” she said. It’s so true!

Rebecca is warm, supportive, sympathetic, and genuine. Her voice is very calming. She knew how to cheer me up and keep me working during difficult times. Within 1 year, Rebecca transformed me into a positive and confident writer so that I could remove the road blocks on the way and run fast toward the finish line. I really appreciate Rebecca’s energy, profession, and perspective.