Shawntye, PhD Education

I struggled to get my concept paper approved for two years. My chair was not helpful at all and I was frustrated and ready to quit. After two requests to change chairs and a brief leave of absence, my request was finally granted. Before my new chair with my new session began, I decided to seek the help of The Dissertation Coach so that I could be prepared. I started working with Dr. Rowena Robles one month before my first meeting with my new chairperson. Rowena guided me in establishing reasonable goals and timelines and helped me to see how my ideas weren’t aligning with each other. She was very encouraging and checked in with me often. Once I started my new course with my new chair person, my concept paper was approved within 3 months! Rowena’s guidance, coaching and encouragement motivated me to complete my milestones on time. Once my concept paper and dissertation proposal were approved I was on a time crunch to get IRB approval, collect data, and defend before the graduation deadline. Rowena and The Dissertation Coach team got me from an approved concept paper to an approved dissertation and successful defense in less than a year! They were my lifelines when I needed them the most and I highly recommend the services of The Dissertation Coach. Everyone is responsive and very professional.