I had the distinct pleasure of working with The Dissertation Coach. Just about every doctoral student has moments of feeling “stuck” along the road to completion. The dissertation journey can be extremely isolating, unforgiving, frustrating, and at times, the student can feel like he or she is digging a hole rather than making meaningful progress. The Dissertation Coach service was a true lifesaver for me. What I would say to any doctoral student reading this: what I loved so much about the service I received from the Dissertation Coach, is that the entire collaboration experience was about my personal learning and development. The biggest hurdle for any doctoral student will be the unique set of challenges, weaknesses, and blind spots we have as budding scholars: everything from stubborn writing habits to our data analysis skills. No one can be great in all areas, and this is where having the right type of coach can make an enormous difference. Unfortunately, not all chairpersons and committee members are talented student mentors. They may be brilliant human beings and knowledgeable in their field, and they may be very positive and encouraging, but academic coaching is an extremely specific skill-set and frankly, most career academics are less than adequate at knowing how to best develop the individual doctoral student when they have hit a wall in their progress. If nothing else, they likely do not have adequate time even if they do have the ability! My decision to seek assistance from the Dissertation Coach was one of the best I’ve ever made in my life. This service helped me to grow tremendously as a scholar by identifying my key areas of opportunity. My coach helped me navigate over the hurdles! My coach was a true partner; an expert who was available to me at specific critical points to quality check, to advise, to counsel, and to encourage.