Richard LaRocca, PhD, Finance & International Economics, NYC

After hearing a fellow doctoral cohort talk about how she was able to finish her dissertation after reading Dr. Alison Miller’s book, I decided to contact Dr. Miller directly to discuss my dissertation and my lack of progress and motivation.
After my initial discussion with Dr. Miller, I discovered that she not only possessed the ability to guide me through my dissertation, but she could also provide me with the necessary tools to develop a positive strategy towards my goal while also helping me deal with life outside of the dissertation process. This was just what I had needed since I was a single parent about to be married again. Alison helped keep me focused on my dissertation goals while balancing the wedding plans, family and life. She was more than just my dissertation coach. She was an influential life coach who inspired me to succeed not only in academia but in life as well. I honestly believe that if I had not worked with Alison, I would not have completed my dissertation in a timely manner and would not have been able to secure a tenure tracked teaching position.  Alison has my highest recommendation, and I am forever grateful to her and her work.