Renyaldo Hernandez, PhD

August 9, 2014

A few days ago, I finished my dissertation and the day I passed my defense was the happiest ending of a very long but productive and rewarding journey. The PhD program was a very successful family project that involved and impacted the entire family for many years and although it was very successful, it was extremely challenging. Writing my dissertation was the hardest part of my journey. Quite often, I was discouraged and overwhelmed about the entire process and more than once, I thought about deserting the program. However, finding Dr. Alison Miller from Dissertation Coach was a lifesaver for me. During our initial conversation, she immediately understood my needs and quickly assigned Dr. Jill Blackwell to my project. Dr. Blackwell was able to successfully guide me through the entire process and gave me the tools to successfully finish my dissertation. Dr. Jill Blackwell always had the right words of encouragement when I felt the sky was falling, she coached me and guided me through the entire dissertation process in addition to reviewing and editing my entire manuscript, she is an excellent and very knowledgeable professional and a great person to work with, I am so happy and lucky I had Dr. Jill Blackwell as part of my dissertation team. Thank you Dr. Blackwell.