RDK, PhD, Biology, Pittsburgh

I was simultaneously tasked with writing my dissertation from scratch, continuing laboratory research, and teaching.  I needed to complete my dissertation in six months, leading me to feel depressed and overwhelmed.  When I searched for dissertation help, many places focused on the writing only and not the underlying challenges inherent in finishing a laboratory-based dissertation.  I specifically requested Dr. Curt Preissner because of his laboratory background.  He gave me the tools I needed to focus my energy and complete my dissertation on time.   One month before the due date, my advisor told me to add a whole new chapter on a new research topic.  Armed with skills suggested by Curt, I tackled the new chapter.  I was able to submit, defend my dissertation, and respond to the suggested corrections within a week and a half of the original submission.  I now have tools that I can use whenever necessary to reduce stress and increase my focus.