Rachel, MA, State University of New York

May 28, 2019

I highly recommend working with Elline Lipkin. When I called “Dissertation Coach,” I had quite a bit to do, and rather urgently, in order to meet my goals. I chose The Dissertation Coach because Alison called me within a few moments of my inquiry submission. She not only took the time to get to know me personally and learn more about my writing project, but she also thoughtfully chose my coach to align with my working style. Elline helped me to think about the roadblocks that I didn’t see. She encouraged me to anticipate upcoming tasks like writing an abstract and formatting for submission that aren’t top of mind when working hard on a draft. The accountability structure provided was exactly what I needed to unleash my potential. I enjoyed working closely with my coach regularly regarding my progress, a process that kept me consistent in my writing and pushing forward daily. Elline cheered me on at every turn; I appreciated Elline’s kindness and also found it helpful when she pushed me to think differently about the process or find another angle. My situation was unique and my schedule challenging, and Elline made considerable effort to be flexible and accommodate so that we could stay in close touch and achieve my goal. Thank you, Elline! Thank you, “The Dissertation Coach!”