Professor, PhD

Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir, PhD. is a deeply compassionate, thoughtful, insightful coach with a tremendous range of academic and coaching knowledge and expertise. She offers academic expertise at the highest standard. At the interpersonal level, Dr. Schwartz-Bishir is truly a remarkable human being. Her empathy, listening approach, and academic feedback helped me at many levels in each and every coaching session. Sessions were richly detailed in an exchange of ideas and concepts that helped me to ‘think ahead’ on a daily basis and forge a weekly plan for my work. Every session helped to provide a new set of skills and strategies for surviving the dissertation! The personal approach that she provides offers the chance for dialogue that furthers insight into one’s learning styles, pacing, and schedule, along with grappling with feeling overwhelmed at times. Dr. Schwartz-Bishir understands the multiplicity of issues that can a rise when working on a dissertation, from illness, to family dynamics, to self-imposed existential dilemmas! She works patiently and thoroughly in providing extraordinarily ‘ on point’ feedback and help with staying on the dissertation path. At times when I thought I would never be able to complete my dissertation, she helped me to remind myself of my larger goals, and my strengths. The forest for the trees can be quite difficult to see when one is immersed in the tiny details of citations, paragraph contents, thematic focus, overall organization. It is easy to lose sight of the daily goals and markers that are the paths towards progress and completion. Dr. Schwartz-Bishir helped me every step of the way. I absolutely could not have completed my dissertation without her compassionate expertise as a coach. I have been transformed beyond any expectations, in an entirely positive fashion, by the coaching experience.


When the Ph.D. is completed, and one looks back, it is often hard to believe that the process actually took place from start to finish and that the document is out the door! Rebecca helped me to ground myself in everyday deadlines and in forging a weekly Action Plan. She encouraged me to celebrate milestones, to treat myself in a healthy fashion, and never once offered a superficial response to the issues at hand. She helped me to develop a detailed and workable set of tools to approach such a large and significant project. I am ever grateful to Dr. Schwartz-Bishir and to Dr. Alison Miller for helping me to ‘find’ Rebecca, and also offering me supportive confirmation and feedback along the way. This is an academically sophisticated, highly intellectual, deeply skilled team that is dedicated and committed to the success of each individual on the dissertation path. I extend my highest praise and kudos to Dr. Schwartz-Bishir, and to the entire team, for your extraordinary work. Thank you. I am now proud to add Ph.D. to my academic signature.