PhD candidate, Biology, The Netherlands

May 23, 2019

I am forever grateful to Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir for coaching me and making the dream of finishing my Ph.D. thesis a reality. I searched for dissertation coaching because I was making the effort to progress, but I didn’t know how to organize my work and deal efficiently with feedback. Additionally, I was working on my own, away from my university, and I was stuck and lacked support. The regular meetings with Rebecca and her daily feedback on my progress made a difference from the first week. She guided me with compassion, understanding the place I was coming from, while encouraging me to work hard to reach my goal. She also helped me prioritize, overcome perfectionism, and suggested working techniques that suited me. Following her guidance I was able to progress steadily while keeping healthy habits. Rebecca regularly gave me advice about how to interact with my advisors and my university, and as a result I experienced a tremendous improvement in my relationship with my supervisors. All the professional development skills I learned from her will be very important to me in the next steps in my life. Rebecca went above and beyond her duty, and I could count always on her. Alison and the rest of her team also provided support as needed. My experience with the Dissertation Coach was a life changer for me. Thank you so so much Rebecca!