L. Machen

April 10, 2018

The services of The Dissertation Coach saved my dissertation. I had no supporting advisors or mentors at my university as the program I was completing had dissolved well before my completion of the dissertation. Finding no remaining faculty that were available to me to rely on, I had to find help… GOOD HELP! I found The Dissertation Coach in an online search and am delighted with the results. My needs at the time were to find support for the statistics end of things, and I cannot tell you how helpful Rowena Robles was in coaching and supporting me through this difficult process. As I had no confidence in this area myself, she led me through the process to a completion level where I have full confidence. I defend in two weeks and I know I am ready and that I understand my analytic section completely. I highly recommend this company as they are well organized and very responsive to the overly stressed and high consequence nature of the dissertation process.