New PhD!

I would like to encourage others who are struggling to finish their PhD to consider hiring the services of The Dissertation Coach. In my case, it got to the point where I was at a new job far from my grad school and I needed to finish the dissertation. Unfortunately, I had only written one chapter and it seemed to me that I was staring at a dark abyss when I thought about how much I needed to do to finish. Anxiety and imposter syndrome were very common paralyzers when I stat down to write but the coaching helped me get over these.
By reading Alison’s book and working with Kathryn Peterson, I was able to make a work plan and stick to it–most of the time. My coach was there to answer questions and clear doubts. Sometimes, it was just useful to talk to someone through the woes of writing.
It wasn’t easy since I was writing and teaching, but finally, after working with my coach for several months, I was able to defend in June of 2019.