Michelle Purdom, PhD, RN

My experience with The Dissertation Coach started with Alison Miller who took the time to find out my specific needs and explain the customized services available. She had a sense of urgency and commitment to finding the right coach for me and it paid off. Initially I worked with Rowena Robles on my dissertation proposal. She was fast, honest, and knowledgeable. I was able to successfully defend my dissertation! The next step was publishing my results in a peer reviewed journal. Once again I reached out to Rowena and she quickly referred me to her colleague Jennifer Gonzalez who has more experience in my specialty and my target journal. Once again I had a positive experience. Jennifer kept my budget in mind and the turn-around times expected from the journal Everyone I have come into contact with at The Dissertation Coach convinced me that I would finish and I would publish. Having these professionals in my corner made all the difference in the world! I’m happy to say the results of my study will be published in an upcoming issue of my first choice target journal. Thank you!