Michelle Fuentes, PhD

Today, I passed my defense with flying colors! And, I really believe that my coach, Rebecca Schuman, was essential to helping me develop skills necessary to finish successfully. The day before my defense, my advisor and I had a meeting where he told me “you should be in a place where you can produce 10-20 pages a day,” “if you had another year to work, this document would be in great shape,” and he switched a committee member! Yes, the day before the defense. Thanks to Rebecca, I was absolutely able to handle all of this with grace. Coaching helped me to manage my time and to interpret my advisor’s words! (They really do mean well!) Rebecca really did a wonderful job teaching me time management skills so that I can apply them to many different parts of life. The project management skills I learned through coaching will help me in future endeavors! The Dissertation Coach system really helped me to make my dissertation manageable!

Thank you!