MG, Dissertation Candidate

October 9, 2014

Having worked on my dissertation for a number of years now, I was eager to move forward with my goals. I wasn’t sure what to expect even though I worked with an editor in the past. I knew that I had a lot of good data and an opportunity to benefit the research field. However, I just couldn’t articulate my thoughts in a scholarly manner or in a way that would be worthy of publication. My consultant was able to help me improve my work a great deal. She provided suggestions that didn’t change what I was trying to say but instead, helped me improve my writing and delivery without doing the writing for me. I am so grateful for the time and effort she put into assisting me.  It was worth every penny. I look forward to celebrating as I am now at the final stage of oral examination. I was impressed that it was the owner, Alison Miller, PhD who contacted me directly after I contacted her company. She took extra care to match me to the right consultant. This is a good company with good intentions and well worth the investment, so don’t think twice!