M. O., Doctorate in Psychology

With literally a few emails and two short phone calls, Colleen was able to provide me with the guidance and direction that my committee collectively had not provided over the course of the two years I had been working on my dissertation. I had already defended my proposal, collected data, and written several complete drafts of my dissertation. Even though it seemed I was close to the end, I could not get past this part of the dissertation process due to several challenges with lack of support from my university, as well as various struggles with my committee. Colleen was able to provide me with the support and guidance one would expect from a dissertation chair. I worked with several dissertation coaches who honestly were a waste of my money and added to my frustration, so by the time I had the initial consultation with Colleen, I was very discouraged that my project would ever be completed and was quite frankly exhausted.  From the start, Colleen provided me with what I needed…someone with specific experience and know-how in my field, realistic goals and flexibility, and the right attitude…that “in spite of” the challenges I was facing with my actual committee, I was going to be successful in creating a solid finished product.  In essence, she acted as my pseudo-chair. I really appreciated her direct approach and was very happy with her efficiency with product turn around and concise feedback. What I was most surprised about was that she actually corrected very little of my actual writing, but rather she taught me how to approach things differently, and empowered me to be a more skilled writer.  So in essence, I am much more competent in compiling literature reviews and writing up research. By the time I submitted a completed paper to my actual committee, my confidence surrounding my project was unbelievably improved. Not only was I confident in my product, but my passion for my project was renewed which definitely helped facilitate getting to the final defense and then successfully defending. Wholeheartedly, I feel every penny spent for Colleen’s services was well worth it. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Colleen to other colleagues in need of something more than what they are getting from their actual committee members.