Lauren, PsyD, Alliant International University

April 3, 2017

After watching Alison Miller’s YouTube video, I decided that THIS COACHING SERVICE IS FOR ME! I constantly struggled with maintaining motivation and related to so much of what Alison discussed in the dissertation workshop video on her website, that I chose to contact The Dissertation Coach. I highly recommend watching this video!

My deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation is extended to Kathy Stansbury for her warm support and expert guidance throughout the preparation and execution of my dissertation. Kathy worked closely with me from the beginning stages of my dissertation to the very end. Even with our 3-hour time difference, she was always readily available. Kathy helped me establish manageable timelines, set short and long-term goals, and shared useful tips that I will use for the rest of my life! When I had setbacks and feelings of self-doubt, she always knew what to say to keep me motivated and moving forward. I really enjoyed hearing her personal stories about her dissertation and graduate school experience. Kathy not only encouraged excellence throughout this academic endeavor but she also contributed to my personal growth by helping me accept that “this being human is a guest house.” In addition to challenging me to work hard and generously sharing with me her confidence in my abilities, Kathy’s personal commitment to clarifying the seemingly insurmountable task of completing my dissertation was invaluable, and her ingenious contributions significantly enriched my project! Thank you for everything, Kathy!!