L. W., PhD Organizational Leadership

I decided to hire a dissertation consultant because I had a yearlong case of writer’s block and couldn’t get started with my topic. After researching coaching companies online, I chose The Dissertation Coach to get assistance with writing and accountability. When I first contacted them, they met with me to get a thorough understanding of my research and desired methods to complete the requirement. The company owner, Alison Miller paired me with Kevin Hylton because she felt he would best meet my needs. Kevin and I connected right away! He was a phenomenal consultant – reassuring but honest at the same time. After my first meeting with Kevin, he helped me to reshape my research so that it fit a personal passion. That change helped me to reset and begin writing again. By chapter 2, I no longer needed assistance. I was able to finish even while working full time as an administrator. I am very grateful to The Dissertation Coach for helping to provide the support I needed to get over that difficult space and finish!