Kevin, PhD Candidate, Chicago, IL

When I started working with Rebecca Schwartz-Bishir last fall, I was stuck. Overwhelmed with trying to finish up my dissertation, go on the job market, and publish an article, all while trying to teach two classes, I was getting nowhere, and feeling terrible about myself because of it. Rebecca snapped me out it. Her structured, straightforward strategies for writing helped me to reverse habits that had been in the making for years. She got me working after our first meeting, and I haven’t stopped since. A scholar herself, she understands the pressures and complexities of academic work. More than her talent as a writing coach, however, Rebecca is an exceptional person. Warm, supportive, funny. She helped me to take pride in my daily work, rather than judge myself by all the things I hadn’t done. It’s spring now: the dissertation is written; I’ve had a number of job interviews; and my article is almost ready for submission. Working with Rebecca has made me a better writer and a happier person. I cannot recommend her highly enough.