Anonymous, PhD


“I honestly don’t think I would have received my Ph.D. if it wasn’t for Stephanie’s support. Being an American at a UK PhD program, I was surprised by the “hands-free” nature of the degree- there was no support, just a meeting every few months with my supervisor to go over what I had written since the last meeting. I wasn’t succeeding, and no one was able to tell me what I was doing wrong. So I kept chugging ahead, but I was miserable and worried.

Stephanie was able to give me the weekly contact/support that I craved. She even went out and read some of my primary (fiction) texts so she would know what I was talking about. It was amazing. She was able to help me with general drafting/planning, with writing and crafting an argument, and ways to research. But she also provided emotional support, letting me know there was someone on my side who believed in me and my work.

Again, without her, I just don’t know how it all would have worked out. But today I can say I have a PhD!”