J.R., Recent PhD Graduate

Deirdre Rogers at The Dissertation Coach has been absolutely wonderful. The minute I spoke with her on the phone, I knew that she was the one that I would hire to help me during the dissertation process. I had spoken with several other dissertation consultants but none of them felt right to me. I couldn’t have finished my doctoral dissertation without her help. She is to be commended for her excellent work and support. She was always so kind and patient with me. She was very professional and courteous. She listened intently to my needs and provided outstanding suggestions and guidance. Whether it was via e-mail or via telephone meetings, she was always extremely helpful. Many times, after our telephone conversations, I felt as though the “light bulb” went on in my brain. I had those Aha! moments which made me feel much more confident and gave me the motivation to keep moving forward in the dissertation process. In addition, she always gave me such encouraging words which lifted my spirits when I was a bit discouraged. There are not enough words to express my deepest appreciation for Deirdre and her excellent assistance. I will certainly consider her for any additional assistance that I may need later on as I start publishing articles. And I will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs dissertation consulting assistance.