Gina Mieszczak. Doctoral Student, Chicago, IL

October 18, 2010

I was in the depths of ABD for several years. After dealing with frustration and procrastination, I decided I needed professional help to guide me through the dissertation process. It was such a relief to find a dissertation coach. My coach worked with me through scheduling, recognition of time restraints, and process development of the work involved. I went through several years of thinking “I can finish my dissertation this weekend.” My coach’s approach of gently developing and guiding my current way of working was incredible. His coaching results in so much more than completion of milestones in my dissertation. It gave me a reality check in what I needed personally to work more efficiently and effectively. I cannot recommend a better service than what my coach provided. His efforts are directly related to the work I have accomplished. I am so grateful that I found his services and cannot thank him enough. He was instrumental to my dissertation proposal submission. The methodology that my coach provides ensures success.