Evan Kent, Doctorate in Music Education

May 12, 2014

When I finished the first draft of my dissertation, it was returned with significant comments. I knew I no longer had the perspective to re-edit and re-format the dissertation.  Through an internet search, I found The Dissertation Coach, beginning a long and fruitful relationship with my personal dissertation consultant, Michal Lemberger, Ph.D. Michal provided the “tough love” I needed. Her knowledge, method, and no-nonsense approach provided the scaffolding I needed to rewrite and reorganize hundreds of pages. Eventually, I developed a document of which I was quite proud.  At the 11th hour, one of the readers of the dissertation found fault with large sections of the document. Again, Michal’s wisdom and care provided a sound and concrete method for addressing these revisions head on. Without her care, I would have not been able to see the proverbial forest from the trees.

Michal has also helped me with post-doctoral program applications, conference and paper proposals, and my dissertation is currently under review for publication by an academic press. She has been an exemplary coach and I am truly grateful to her wisdom and  guidance.