E.W, PhD, University of Kansas

The previous semester before I started working with my dissertation coach I had been stuck in paralyzing writing anxiety and had only written 10 new pages that entire semester. I started working with Kathryn Peterson in December 2013. To say that I had a lot of pressure and anxiety was to put it mildly. I was able to use very little of my previously written work, so I was basically starting my dissertation from scratch. My university was going to kick me out of my program if I wasn’t graduated by May of 2015. Over the course of a year working with Kathryn I  got engaged, got married, moved across the country, moved again, and bought a house. And I still was able to write a 250 page dissertation with Kathryn’s help and guidance! Kathryn was with me every step of the way. She was my “academic therapist” talking me though my writing anxiety and helping me break a huge project into bite sized pieces so that it was not so overwhelming. I was able to graduate on time with my Ph.D. degree! After my graduation I worked with Kathryn for a few more months and she helped me put together a headline speaker talk and gave advice and encouraged me on my job applications. I know that I will call Kathryn again if I ever get stuck in paralyzing writing anxiety and plan to work with her in the future on turning my dissertation into a publication. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Kathryn!