Doreen F., PhD

In my case, it wasn’t a lack of hard work or motivation holding me back.  I was successful in my classes and enjoying the journey of graduate school when I was assigned an incompetent advisor for my dissertation. Long story short, I received no assistance whatsoever from her in crafting my first dissertation proposal; after she singlehandedly rejected my proposal, she assigned a new topic and demanded another full proposal.  Her feedback was routinely convoluted and condescending.  Feeling frustrated and lost, I started surfing the internet for a coach. I cannot express the enormous relief I felt after just a few minutes on the phone with Dr. Alison Miller, and then with Dr. Christopher Bradley, my coach.  It was clear he knew his stuff, and it was also clear he knew how to teach it.  Suddenly, after spinning my wheels for two years with a nightmare for an advisor, the project flew. I can say with 100% certainty that I would have quit had it not been for Dr. Bradley’s support and expertise.  He was incredibly insightful about the inner workings of the academic world, and skillfully navigated me through the drama with patience and a cheerfulness that I was sorely lacking at the time.  Furthermore, once the project was underway, Dr. Bradley was there for me every step of the way.  He is a quality editor, a brilliant statistician, and thoroughly knowledgeable in every aspect of the dissertation process.  He was always on time for appointments and quick to provide feedback despite his busy schedule.  He respected my input, and worked with me to find solutions to my questions and concerns. He was also funny, warm and personable.  From the start, I knew I was in the hands of a superior coach who was sincerely committed to my success.  After successfully defending my dissertation, he was one of the first people I called to share the news.  No revisions were required, and the committee told me it was the tightest dissertation they had seen in some time.  I can’t recommend Dr. Bradley and The Dissertation Coach highly enough.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.