Donna, PhD

February 4, 2019

I am so grateful to Rebecca Schuman for helping me cross the finish line of my Ph.D. It would have taken me at least an additional semester, if not longer, had I not had her support and guidance. To contextualize my situation a bit, I was in a one-year Assistant Professor position in a remote area, applying for jobs, living on my own, and struggling with depression. I planned to defend my dissertation in four months but my data wasn’t analyzed, my first three chapters needed to be revised, and the last two needed to be written. The weekly sessions I had with Rebecca were a lifeline. She was kind, compassionate, and gave me tools to help me work when I felt it was just impossible with everything else going on in my life. She provided that weekly boost and encouragement that my advisor simply could not. And I finished in four months!
I highly recommend working with Rebecca Schuman! Her sense of humor, organizational skills, and ability to problem-solve are fantastic. Thank you, Rebecca!