Rachel DiSesa, MS, PhD, Agricultural Education & Communication, University of Florida

Thank you so much for your referral to Chris Deason. I cannot recommend your services enough! I just submitted my final revisions to the University of Florida. Chris is absolutely the reason that I was able to complete my PhD after three years of struggling due to a change of chair, apathy by my department and loss of interest by the researcher (that last one is on me). After just a couple of weeks, Chris was able to understand my research and help me stay focused after years of setbacks. I am amazed that he was able to grasp my weak areas in such a short time when my own committee was clueless.

Sheila Brady, EdD, Educational Leadership

The truth is, without Kari and without The Academic Writers’ Space (TAWS) it would have taken me so much longer to finish and then I don’t even like to think about the possibility of the real reality of not finishing. I just wanted to let you know that I needed the handholding and “break the task down to the doable” approach your services offered. My master’s program at BYU did not prepare me for this type of work, nor did all the coursework at Taft University prepare me for this dissertation journey. I remember talking with BYU professors about applying for a doctoral program and being asked what I wanted to do for a dissertation. I had a whole heap of topics I was passionate about and threw all those topics out there, but I felt like I was throwing a dart at a dart board with my eyes closed after being spun around five times. I had no idea what a dissertation really was or how to get the dissertation thing done. I would have kept trying but I don’t like to think at what point I would be if I had not found The Dissertation Coach and The Academic Writers’ Space. I needed both!!!!! Y’all changed me!

Kari is so amazing at what she does. She broke all the parts down for me. Even after I dumped all my pieces and parts out of my box all over the floor, Kari patiently and optimistically helped me sort through what I had, found out what I didn’t understand, and that brilliant woman taught me little by little, as much as I could handle and comprehend, the step-by-step process of writing a dissertation. The smart professors with doctoral degrees at my Universities (I mean no offense) could not have done what Kari did for me. It was so hard! I have never done anything like that before. Kari will undoubtedly be one of those teachers in my life that I will never forget and will forever be grateful for. She transformed me and my abilities. Her belief in my abilities made “doing it” possible.

Alison, you are just as brilliant. The support of the TAWS community, the facilitators, and the other TAWS members – what an inspiring group of individuals to co-collaborate with. During the TAWS sessions, many of which I lurked, or I was half asleep, and others I gained momentum, yet all of the sessions I found to be so incredibly supportive and kept me moving one sentence closer to done. TAWS was the other key thing outside of Kari that helped me to get it all done. Well done to you and your business!!!!

I am deeply grateful to you both. You are both amazing and inspiring. You both make the world a better place. I am so thankful I found you. Thank you for the work you do.

Dr. DeAnna Jordan Crosby, MA, LMFT, LAADC, Psy.D.

This was such a great service. I could not have done it without the knowledge and support of The Dissertation Coach. My consultant, Kris Jones, was invaluable.

Samantha Denson, PhD Health Education and Promotion, Walden University

I had the privilege of working with an extraordinary dissertation consultant (Amelia Andrews) and an expert statistician and dissertation consultant (Chris Aberson) during the challenging journey of completing my doctoral dissertation, and I can confidently say that this experience was transformative. As someone who has struggled with ADHD for years, I faced significant hurdles in staying focused, organized, and on track with my academic work, especially when it came to the less structured nature of the dissertation process. However, my dissertation consultants became a guiding light throughout this process.

Their expertise, patience, and unwavering support were instrumental in helping me overcome some of the debilitating challenges that ADHD presented. They worked with me to develop personalized strategies to enhance my productivity, manage my time effectively, and maintain the necessary discipline to meet deadlines. Their ability to adapt their consulting methods to my unique needs was truly remarkable.

Beyond the practical assistance, my dissertation consultants also served as an invaluable source of motivation and encouragement. They believed in my potential even when I had doubts, and their positive reinforcement gave me the confidence to push through difficult moments.

Thanks to their guidance, I successfully completed my doctoral dissertation within 12 months, a milestone I once thought was out of reach. I am deeply grateful for their role in this achievement, and I would highly recommend their services to anyone facing similar challenges. Working with my dissertation consultants was a game-changer, and I can now proudly say that I am a doctor, thanks in large part to Amelia and Chris’ unwavering support and expertise.


I worked with Chris Deason on my dissertation. The support I received from Chris kept me on task while writing all my chapters and lowered my overall stress level. Chris was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. My meetings with him always put my mind at ease and really gave me the push I needed to complete my research. I highly recommend working with Chris!

Tia Lawler, EdD

I just completed my dissertation and though I may have completed without help It would have been a much more challenging journey with the support of Ani Moughamian and her feedback. Ani kept me motivated and encouraged when I was feeling overwhelmed and ready to quit. The Dissertation Coach services were essential to my progress going smoothly and I will be forever grateful for their support!

Dr. Carlos Antràs Solé

Dr. Kevin Hylton was a key player on my success for pursuing my Doctorate in Business. Not being a scholar myself as I am rather a practitioner, the world of research was foreign to me.  Kevin had the ability to pick me up where I was and understood my needs. He was very concise, diligent and patient with me, leading me back to the right path at all times when I was getting off track. His feedback and advise made sense to me, and I learned a lot with and from him. I have learned to appreciate Kevin as a great scholar and professional with great knowledge and know how; he is a great academic guru, and I am happy to recommend Kevin to anyone who seeks guidance and coaching on any academic endeavor.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Very Happy EdD Grad

The professionalism and the care extended to me by the team at The Dissertation Coach has been phenomenal. I was assigned Dr. Kathleen (Kate) Vacek as my mentor and I must say, she was instrumental in my success, helping me achieve a “no revisions” status after my dissertation defense. Through Dr. Vacek’s mentorship, I received sound answers and solutions to my questions and support in situations where I felt “lost.”. Lastly, I learned things that would never have crossed my mind without her guidance.

Dr. Veronica Ramos

If you need assistance LOOK NO FURTHER!!! I will just say that I could not have finished my dissertation without the team at TDC! They are second to none. My coach was Dr. Kari George and she was AMAZING! Dr, George was able to listen and understand my needs immediately. She is BRILLIANT. She learned my personality and my needs instantly. She was prompt, professional, funny, inspirational and I swear she read my mind and made me feel so at ease. I was so comfortable with her and she made herself available to me and was always on time and prompt with her responses, ideas and insight. DO NOT HESITATE to use them and my advice would be to come to them before you need them because they will save you time, money and your sanity. Thank you to Alison and Kari because you two came through for me in a HUGE way and I am eternally grateful to you. I would recommend you to anybody I know who it confused, stuck or needs guidance and inspiration. You will walk away from your coach feeling confident, powerful and capable. You will never question your abilities because they empower you to be the best version of yourself. You are getting a life coach and not just a dissertation coach. Because of Kari, I was able to complete this doctorate and she is the absolute BEST!

Devon, PhD

My experience with The Dissertation Coach was great! Alison put me with a consultant, Michael Sikes, who was exactly what I needed. He helped me set goals, challenged me to write by very best, and was empathetic to my doctorate stress. I recommend all my fellow doctorate classmates to use The Dissertation Coach. They give you the support you need! They made me realize I was not the only one struggling to get to the finish line and that we are in it together.

Staci, PhD

I am so grateful for the support of The Dissertation Coach! My consulting sessions with Meena Clowes was just what I needed. Meena was instrumental throughout the process. She was a great sounding board and excellent at providing insight, feedback, and clarity. The assistance and service provided by Alison and Meena was invaluable and well worth the investment.

A Happy Graduate From Illinois

I have used The Dissertation Coach since October 2020 and I could not be happier. Dr. Chris Deason was amazing to work with. He helped me to successfully defend my dissertation and provided timely professional guidance throughout the entire process. He is truly an expert in coaching and providing guidance. He gave me the confidence and the know how to achieve my goals. I simply cannot ever express my gratitude for the Dissertation Coach and the services of Dr. Chris Deason. It has been an absolute joy to learn from and alongside him. Dr. Deason is not only extremely knowledgeable but also has great insight into his clients’ needs and provides support to guide them. I am eternally grateful to have found the services of The Dissertation Coach and to have been fortunate enough to have been placed in the expert hands of Dr. Chris Deason. I believe he is the best there is!

Dr. J. Mark Browning

Imagine this scenario: You’re exhausted. You simply can’t think clearly, the sheer act of clicking open your file which contains the umpteenth version of your dissertation results in a spinning wheel of death on your computer screen. You’re done.

Enter Meena Clowes. Like an oxygen mask to your last possible gasp for breath- she instantly makes you realize this is not the end, but rather the beginning of those final steps to completion (and relief!).

Meena can help you makes sense of the senselessness that often comes with the grind of getting your proposal finished and approved or completing your findings and actually help land you on the doorstep of defense. She’s concise yet thorough, sees the bigger picture you’re trying to communicate but focused on the details that eventually trip all of us on our journey.

All the cliche’s they tell us as young doctoral students are true- especially the one about the best dissertation is a DONE dissertation. Meena can and will help you get.it.done.

Keith Keating, PhD

I would not have made it through the process without Kari George. Having a consultant is a “must” for success for this process.

Jacquelyn Reed, Psychology

I was matched with Kathryn for help writing my Clinical Psychology Internship application essays. While we worked remotely, Kathryn was incredibly helpful with challenging me to think more broadly about what I was trying to convey and even provided writing prompts that helped stimulate ideas. I received a large number of interviews and positive feedback about my essays and I am certain that this was largely a result of Kathryn’s input and guidance. Thank you!

Eric Wilson, PhD

Dr. Christopher Bradley, at The Dissertation Coach, was approachable, friendly, personal, and involved in the process of helping me earn my PhD. He is a true mentor. The entire dissertation process was overwhelming, and Dr. Bradley helped me step back to see the different parts of the process and how to work effectively with my committee. He helped reduce some of the frustration with the process of writing and editing. It felt like a privilege to have him assist me. He has been through the process himself and knrw how to support me every step of the way. Finally, he always smiled. No matter what the situation is, he smiled and helped me feel good about my accomplishments each step of the way.

Anonymous, Masters, Education, Private University

After a few false starts and feeling lost, I fell upon a video by Alison, the founder of The Dissertation Coach. I realized that it was exactly what I needed. I was coached and mentored by Dr. Kate Vacek. Her experience and her calm, professional and constructive input gave me confidence to believe I can do it. Her book suggestion, “They Say, I Say” revolutionized and inspired my perspective on academic writing. In addition, I attended writing retreats through The Academic Writers’ Space, and this facilitated daily Zoom community workspace reduced the feeling of isolation. At one of the sessions, I learned about the Manchester Phrasebank website, which, after looking at it, I responded, “Where have you been all of my life?” In a similar line of thought, I want to conclude, “Thank you, Kate and Alison, for entering my life.”

Kristen, PhD

I worked with Deirdre Rogers and Christopher Bradley at The Dissertation Coach. Deirdre coached me through my comprehensive exams and proposal while Christopher assisted with my data analysis and findings. Both coaches were great to work with. Deirdre and Christopher provided support and encouragement along the way. Deirdre helped me with my proposal presentation and Christopher with my final defense presentation. Working with both coaches was the reason I passed both my proposal and final defense.

Glorious Fealing, EdD

A Turn-Around Story to thank Alison Miller and Kari George of The Dissertation Coach. I needed to do Adult Education classroom research during COVID-19 when everyone sheltered at home. Adult Ed programs had temporarily/indefinitely closed or lost budgets or worse. Recruiting participants was a **huge** challenge. Slight panic set in because I could not attract participants. Overall, it took nearly two years. However, the optimism of Dr. Miller and Dr. George helped turn my situation around. (Yes, they’re superheroes to me.) I met weekly with my consultant. She shared tremendous creativity in her suggestions to change my recruiting strategy. They helped me to better organize my persuasive pitch to attract adult student participants. Dr. Miller was especially helpful sharing access to her countless contacts on social media. Dr. George was highly perceptive to necessary changes I needed to make for a more confident attitude and was an effective, efficient sounding board and advisor each week. If you are undecided about working with TDC, please take the plunge. Dive right in. What TDC does works. Now I’m finished and you can be, too.

Kaprina T. PhD

Meena Clowes is an AWESOME consultant!!!! She is a caring person and wants you to succeed. Meena will never truly know how much she motivated and inspired me. Her patience, guidance and willingness to just listen kept me going. Because of Meena’s passion for helping me, I successfully defended my dissertation.

A.G., PhD

The Dissertation Coach literally saved my DBA journey. I was in a stuck place and didn’t know what to do next. The owner, Alison, reached out to me personally to discuss my goals. She paired me with Christopher Bradley who was so patient and kind with me. He set deadlines based on what I needed. We managed to hammer out a well thought out proposal in a few months from and we started from scratch. When I hit a wall with my school, Christopher gave me sound advice. After that ordeal, he staying in touch and provided assistance when I needed it. I FINISHED!!! Coming from a stuck place to gaining tools that I will carry for a lifetime, I can’t thank the Dissertation Coach enough.


Alison at the Dissertation Coach directed me to DEAN who saved me with formatting and assisting me with tables that truly helped my Chapter 4 flow! He also was just amazing to work with and speedy! I highly recommend this service for where ever you are in your Dissertation journey!

Wendy, Doctoral Candidate

Working with Dr. Connie Chang was a Godsend! I went from being ABD and stuck for 2 years to being ready to propose within 3 months; I am still in shock about that. I was working on my own with limited direction from my program and no plans on how to get completed soon. I was paired with Dr. Chang and she immediately knew what I needed. She helped me to prioritize and she recommended successful best practice techniques for the entire dissertation process from research and writing to working with my chairperson. Her guidance, assistance with organization, expert knowledge, helped me focus and proved to be the nudge I needed to develop the habits needed to persist. In addition to the dissertation assistance, Dr. Chang is very kind and compassionate and she was authentically interested in my well-being. She has become a trusted advisor who I gladly recommend to anyone in a similar situation. If it was not for Dr. Chang, I would certainly still be in an impossible situation with no plans of how to move forward. Working with Dr. Chang has been very rewarding; I have gained so much more than I ever expected.

ER EdD Instructional Leadership Candidate

I initially did not pass my comprehensive examination. I was devastated. If I did not pass the second attempt I would be out of the program and two years of hard work would have been for naught. I decided to contact The Dissertation Coach. This was the best decision I could have made. My consultant was Michael Sikes. Based on Michael’s knowledge, feedback and support, I was able to complete my Comprehensive Examination. My committee had very few comments when I presented my qualifying exam defense.

Anonymous, PhD

One of the most challenging days in my adult life was when my very toxic committee didn’t pass my proposal and then the chair of the department subsequently screamed in my face and threatened me. I did not see a path forward. I remember aimlessly googling to see if there was anyone out there who offered some kind of dissertation support; I didn’t even know if it was actually a real thing. I found Alison who connected me to Christopher and I had no idea how amazing he would be. He saved my sanity and gave me the courage and confidence to complete my PhD. He taught me everything I should have learned from my committee, he gave me so much guidance, he was never patronizing and he was endlessly patient with my questions and concerns. He helped me completely redesign my research and develop out methodology that would satisfy the committee. I would not have finished if it hadn’t been for him. I often thought of giving up because it was such a toxic situation but somehow we crossed the finish line. The imposter syndrome in doctoral work is overwhelming and it can seem like all is truly lost, but I would encourage anyone feeling truly hopeless to call Alison and get connected to a coach. I am profoundly grateful for their support and it was the absolute BEST money I have ever spent in my life.

Anonymous, PhD

I hired a consultant at the beginning of my dissertation process. This was the best decision I made: First, my consultant helped me get my problem statement in tip top shape. This made everything else much easier. From there, the literature review flowed from in a seamless way. As a result, I didn’t waste time struggling and having to do many rounds of revisions. When it came to data collection and analysis my consultant made sure my survey was in the right format so I had no data cleanup and then helped me with my syntax. Overall, I was able to finish my dissertation in half the time anyone at my program has completed theirs (6 months vs. 1 year). Thank you to my dissertation consultant and Alison- I am very grateful!

DeAnza W. PhD

Thank you so much Kristine. I appreciate your encouragement, patience, and guidance as I made it to this milestone. Finding The Dissertation Coach online was definitely a key part of me getting to a defense today as I wanted to give this dream one last shot. I will forever be grateful and thankful for your taking in an academic orphan and encouraging me as I slowly moved my project closer to the finish line.

A Happy And Quietly Confident Graduate Student.

I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Allison Miller for offering this service to an otherwise exhausted and confused graduate student. After an initial conversation, Dr. Miller matched me to a dissertation consultant, making every effort to find me a good fit. My consultant, Dr. Christopher, was and continues to be EXCEPTIONAL.
Christopher thoroughly explains the material to you without making you feel not bright; even though at times I questioned whether I belonged in such a high-level program, I never felt that way when talking to my coach. Always encouraging, never condescending, Christopher explained the statistical and theoretical material to me and gave me pointers on how to better my writing. He is so knowledgeable, yet he gets straight to the point, covering only information that will help you; he has probably forgotten more than I know! Many times I would think, I wish my instructor would have told me this. This unique and helpful service is reasonably priced and worth every penny. I cannot emphasize enough how much I have learned and how much my writing has improved due to the mentoring and support e I received. I do not think that I would have gotten this far in my program without my dissertation consultant’s guidance. I unreservedly recommend this service to those willing to put in the work and listen to the advice given; I only wish I had discovered it sooner. Let me know when you have your IPO!


Recently, I had the fortune to find The Dissertation Coach in a key moment during my doctoral studies. I started to make progress from the moment I contacted Alison and it did not stop until I defended my dissertation. I had the pleasure to work with Kristine Jones, who helped me a great deal in developing my dissertation. I owe a great deal of thanks to both of them for their understanding and caring about me and my research. I can say that his was a life changing experience that pushed me all the way to the end of my PhD. I do recommend without hesitation The Dissertation Coach. Thank you, Kris and Alison.

L. W., PhD Organizational Leadership

I decided to hire a dissertation consultant because I had a yearlong case of writer’s block and couldn’t get started with my topic. After researching coaching companies online, I chose The Dissertation Coach to get assistance with writing and accountability. When I first contacted them, they met with me to get a thorough understanding of my research and desired methods to complete the requirement. The company owner, Alison Miller paired me with Kevin Hylton because she felt he would best meet my needs. Kevin and I connected right away! He was a phenomenal consultant – reassuring but honest at the same time. After my first meeting with Kevin, he helped me to reshape my research so that it fit a personal passion. That change helped me to reset and begin writing again. By chapter 2, I no longer needed assistance. I was able to finish even while working full time as an administrator. I am very grateful to The Dissertation Coach for helping to provide the support I needed to get over that difficult space and finish!

Carly, Clinical Psychology

I worked with Michael Sikes for several weeks leading up to my dissertation proposal. In addition to receiving helpful feedback and direction from him, Michael was incredibly encouraging and kind, He greatly helped me lessen the mental load and stress of preparing for such a milestone. I look forward to working with him for my defense! I feel very grateful I chose to make this investment. in dissertation consulting was absolutely the right move for me.

Julie Patterson, EdD, Concordia University Portland/Wisconsin

When I started my lit review, I had very little guidance and it seemed my chair hated everything I wrote. I also struggled to create my conceptual framework. Ani Moughamian stepped in and guided me on the right path, allowing me to flesh out my ideas and articulate them in the chapter. Without Ani’s help, I would never have made it past Chapter 2, which set the foundation for the rest of my dissertation. I am proud to say I passed my defense and submitted my final dissertation. I am FinishEdD!!

I highly recommend Ani and The Dissertation Coach as a resource during your dissertation. These wonderful people are worth every penny!

L.R., PhD

Dr. Ani Moughamian-Rosenberg was very patient and thorough throughout the process. I know I couldn’t have done it without her.


I completed my doctoral work through an online university program. Because it was an online process, I felt incredibly disconnected. My dissertation was a series of fits and starts. I fell off-track. I reached out to the Dissertation Coach and experienced immediately relief. For the first time in a long time, I felt like to could finish this dissertation. Alison Miller was very accommodating and reassuring. Dean Spaulding is the best of the best. I was hesitant about reaching out to The Dissertation Coach but those anxieties were unfounded. They were personable professionals who responded to my questions promptly. They made me feel like I was their only client. I finished and successfully defended my dissertation within three months of contacting them. I wish I had contacted them sooner!

TD, Dissertation Student

The Dissertation Coach has been a dream come true for me. The advice provided by my consultant has proven invaluable. I went The Dissertation Coach without any work completed towards my dissertation other than having half of a topic (one variable chosen and a scale that matched). I followed the initial intake process, which consisted of talking with Dr. Alison Miller, answering questions about my dissertation, and the type of assistance I needed. I was very open about the support I needed and the kind of coach I desired. I was matched with my Dean Spaulding, PhD. Dean is a methodologist/statistician at heart, and we have the same thought process on how to approach work, which helps because it sharpens my natural process of thinking. I am not stating my consultant is incredible because our thought processes are congruent; however, I am saying that my consultant rocks because he has experience in the area I desire to learn from, has published books, he listens, speaks on a level that can be understood, is willing to go over and beyond the call of duty, and he genuinely wants me to succeed. I am not one for feelings; however, the relationships formed by the people at Dissertation Coach are very genuine. They care about you and love what they do. From speaking with other colleagues who utilize these services, they feel the same type of connections with their consultants. These consultants will not waste your time – they come to calls and video calls prepared and ready to work with you. The best decision you can make is to go to www.thedissertationcoach.com, complete the intake information, speak with Dr. Miller, and begin the process. You will not regret the time you spend with the consultant who is waiting for you.

Anonymous, Ph.D.

I never thought I would graduate on time. At least that’s what I told myself before working with Dr. Christopher Bradley. When I first contacted The Dissertation Coach, Dr. Alison Miller listened to my story regarding my advisor who was difficulty to work with. I worked with my advisor for almost two years on my dissertation. With little feedback, I was not making any progress. I was running out of funding and the semester was almost over. All it took was one conversation with Dr. Bradley and I knew my luck was going to change. Dr. Bradley’s guidance and wisdom gave me the courage I needed to advocate for myself. I changed advisors with six weeks left in the semester and needed to write four chapters of my dissertation. This was a hard thing to do but it was necessary. Dr. Bradley’s time and words of encouragement during that transition was invaluable. His support and dedication demonstrated that this process did not need to be as hard as it was. Dr. Bradley analyzed and cleaned my data which made the writing process fly by. After all of my data was analyzed, I started writing. I never wrote that much in such a short period of time. Now that I was working with a new advisor things started to move fast. It took me 16 weeks to write my entire dissertation from the time I started working with Dr. Bradley to the day I submitted my final draft. Its been a week since I passed my defense. And I am still in a state of shock. Words can not express my gratitude. I am truly indebted to Dr. Bradley and Dr. Miller for their time and support. This was the best decision I have every made. The one-on-one conversations and strategic planning made completing my dissertation possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Gina Horton, EdD

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for connecting me with Dr. Kevin Hylton. After our first phone call, I knew that we would work well together, but I had no idea how much I would come to value his support and appreciate his guidance. There are not enough words to express how blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to work with him, but I will try. When Kevin and I began working together I was stuck. My dissertation chair was of little to no help. I was submitting revisions on my proposal every couple of weeks only to get it back with minimal feedback that was ambiguous at best. Kevin and I believed that my document was not even being read. The cycle of revising and resubmitting that I was stuck in had been going on for almost seven months and would continue on for another five. At the end of the first year, I was no further along then when I had started. It was at that time that Kevin talked me down from the ledge, just the first of many times to be honest, and gave me the confidence to become my own advocate and request a new dissertation chair. While this was only the first of many outlandish challenges, many that Kevin had not even experienced before, he continued to encourage me, teach me, build me up, and even put me back together at times. We worked together for almost three years before we were able to celebrate the completion of my doctoral journey. I know that I would not have this degree if it were not for him. He was often the calm in the storm, a safe place for me to vent my frustrations, and to be vulnerable enough to hear the constructive feedback I needed without feeling belittled or incapable of completing a dissertation. I learned more from him about research and academic writing than I did from my doctoral program and more importantly, I developed a love for research, something that had scared me away from starting a doctoral program sooner. I thank him for being as invested in this process as I was. I thank him for caring as much about my success as I did. I thank him for knowing when to push me, when to encourage me, and how to help me reach my potential. I would encourage future doctoral learners to take full advantage of the opportunity to work with him and learn from him because his guidance and support have truly been priceless!

Robyn Miller

I contacted The Dissertation Coach, after a very bad experience with another editor for my PhD dissertation. I was contacted almost immediately and was set up with Dean Spaulding within a day. Dean was very nice, very professional, and was extremely knowledgeable in both statistics and editing. It was so nice to have someone who was experienced in both. Dean was very understanding and answered emails very promptly. I would highly recommend The Dissertation Coach, it was worth every dime. I am a first generation college student and getting a PH.D was new territory. It was so nice to have someone like Dean to confide in and ask questions. He never made me feel like I was incompetent and was always supportive! Thank you Dean!


I would have never been able to make it this far without Dean Spaulding. He has been with me every step of the way as I inch closer to completing my dissertation. He not only guides me on how certain things should be done, but he also explains the reasoning behind it. If someone were to ask me for one bit of advice in completing their dissertation, I would simply tell them to get in touch with The Dissertation Coach and work with Dean. I am very grateful that Alison connected me with Dean. He is a difference maker and someone that truly cares about helping someone achieve their dreams by earning their doctoral degree.

Lisa Marzano, PhD In Literature And Criticism

I could not have completed my dissertation without dissertation consulting services. Michal was encouraging, yet honest, in her feedback. Her feedback was timely, and I never had to follow-up with her–it was usually the other way around! Michal helped me sort through my spider’s web of tangled ideas in order to see things in my writing that were not initially clear. Michal helped me set goals and stay on track. We worked at every level of the writing process–brainstorming, revision, and editing. I strongly recommend The Dissertation Coach services.

Dickson T. DBA

Dr. Christopher Bradley has been an outstanding dissertation coach, a genuine and fully engaged professional who really helped me to understand and progress my dissertation from a nebulous point to a concrete actionable plan, which immediately evolved as we started to work together No time was wasted. Every discussion was a building block and he was always prepared for our Skype chats and email exchanges. He was time conscious and very efficient in making comments. Chris patiently helped me navigate statistical analysis, and helped me understand concepts and how to apply them. In addition, when i received feedback from faculty, Chris was always calm, and reassuring that we could make the needed revisions. He as always able to see a way to breakthrough the numerous hurdles and challenges I faced during all the stages of writing the dissertation. I really commend Chris not only for his technical advice but also for his professional support, his commitment and resilience to work with me on the ups and downs during the entire process. Thank you!

Dr. Woghiren

I worked with Dr. Kevin Hylton on my dissertation and I found him to be a very knowledgeable consultant. His help was very valuable in reaching my goal.

Dr. Yajaira Kennison, PsyD, LCSW

My experience with The Dissertation Coach was fantastic. I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Kathy Stansbury, PhD, who was phenomenal. She was kind, considerate, gentle, and extremely patient. She was flexible with her availability and supported me to the end. I am certain that if I had not worked with The Dissertation Coach, I wouldn’t have made it this far. This company was recommended by my classmate, and I would certainly recommend it to anyone else looking to have another set of eyes on their paper and wanting to get to the finish line. A special thank you again to Dr. Kathy!

R. Gary, Ocala, Fl

After a year of struggling with my dissertation proposal, I phoned The Dissertation Coach feeling completely overwhelmed. I was afforded the opportunity to work with Dr. Rowena Robles. I knew after the first phone conversation I would make it through the process and complete my dissertation. Rowena was compassionate, resourceful and encouraging. My confidence was immediately restored! I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend Dr. Rowena’s services to anyone struggling to complete a dissertation.

LM Davis, The University Of Alabama

My experience working with Dr. Meena Clowes and The Dissertation Coach team was outstanding. I found Dr. Clowes to be an excellent coach, wonderful resource, and thoroughly supportive educator. I received prompt, personalized attention and successfully completed my dissertation and defense ahead of schedule. Highly recommend!


Working with The Dissertation Coach team was such a wonderful experience. From my initial inquiry to completion of my dissertation, everyone was responsive, accessible, helpful, and motivating. I worked with Dr. Michael Sikes, who was a wonderful resource and guide for my phenomenological methodology. He was accessible, prompt, knowledgeable, and patient with me as I worked through the process of learning the steps involved to successfully analyzing and coding data. I completed my dissertation by the goal date and can honestly say that it would not have happened without the guidance provided by The Dissertation Coach. I have already recommended The Dissertation Coach to others and look forward to continuing to do so.

Anonymous, PhD

The Dissertation Coach has truly wonderful staff that take a personal interest in your success and achieving your goals. They are professional, accurate, and fast. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs additional help on their dissertation. The staff at The Dissertation Coach are truly dedicated professionals with a love for teaching and commitment to those they serve.

Anonymous, EdD, Curriculum And Instruction

I would like to thank The Dissertation Coach and my consultant, Michael Sikes, for providing me with real mentoring and guidance when I needed it most. I met Michael at a time when I was feeling very low and starting to become hopeless. I wasn’t getting much help from my advisor or university except vague feedback that my work wasn’t good enough to get approved. Michael was very easy to work with. He is kind and very knowledgeable and helped me break down the dissertation into smaller steps so I could learn one thing at a time. Thank you Michael for helping me carry out a dissertation study that I am proud of and most of all, helping me becoming a Dr.

Dr. Subaricca Robinson

My name is Subaricca Robinson and Dr. Rowena Robles was my dissertation consultant. Dr. Robles is simply awesome. While completing my dissertation, I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life. I had reached a point that I was doubting myself. Dr. Robles was kind, patient and assured me that I can do this. After she read my literature review, I remember her specifically saying, “You know what you’re doing.” I really needed to hear that. She provided the extra support and reinforcement that I needed to get across the finish line. I am extremely grateful that I landed into the hands of Dr. Robles.

Andrea, Master Of Architecture

The Dissertation Coach was exactly what I was looking for after a long time of writer’s block and I am very grateful for all of the help I received from Kristine Jones. Never having written a thesis before, I felt overwhelmed and constantly unsure of what my next steps were. Though I had a committee of advisors from school, I received extremely little guidance throughout the majority of my thesis process. Kristine answered every question, cleared up every step, and kept me organized. Kristine was available whenever I asked and even went so far as to do some of her own research and forward along any articles she found interesting and relevant to my topic. Thank you, Kristine for helping me write a thesis I am proud of about a topic I am so passionate about.


I just completed my doctoral dissertation journey working with Dr. Deirdre Rogers. She did an outstanding job helping me throughout the entire process. I came to The Dissertation Coach at a time when my odds of having a successful proposal defense were slim to zero. I literally have no help from my major professor and only 20 pages worth of content. Furthermore, if I did not meet the deadline established by University Graduate School I would have been kicked out of the program. The owner of The Dissertation Coach referred me to Dr. Deirdre Rogers and what a turn around I experienced. In 2 months, I was able to write an entire proposal that was ready to be defended. These were 2 of the most intellectually intense months I ever experienced. I worked hard and with Deirdre’s help, we achieved the impossible. Dr. Rogers was my true major professor. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to her. Thank you for providing me with the guidance I needed for the completion of this project. I am grateful to you for your consistent commitment and availability to clarify questions and assist me when I needed it. Your inspiration, motivation, strength, and persistence played a crucial role to finish this goal. I couldn’t have done it without her help.


My coach for my special project/master’s thesis was Meena Clowes. I honestly have to say this was the best investment towards my education that I have ever made. She helped me transform my draft (which was horrible) into a final product that I was proud of and my advisor was pleased with. She helped me to do this in only 3 weeks time. I had to put in a lot of hours, but without the guidance of Meena I would of never gotten it done as effectively. She was available whenever I needed her and she is such a caring and wonderful person! I am considering getting a PhD in the near future and I definitely will be using The Dissertation Coach during my journey.


Jim McGinley was a wonderful resource and instrumental in my dissertation proposal. I have some familiarity with the statistical methods I hoped to perform, and Jim quickly calibrated to my current level and needs. His natural curiosity and desire to help are huge assets, and he made great recommendations based on my specific research questions and goals for the project. Perhaps most importantly, he was incredibly responsive to my concerns and questions, and not at all intimidating. He always made sure to follow up to see if I had any issues, and was professional and competent. Jim really cared about the final research project, and I can’t express my recommendation strongly enough!

Anonymous PhD

Wisdom, expertise, and care are some of the words that best describe my experience working with The Dissertation Coach team.
From my initial communication with Dr. Alison Miller, I could tell this was the type of assistance I desperately needed to resolve my situation. Attempting to complete and submit my doctoral proposal for approval for almost two years was getting me nowhere.
Until Dr. Miller put me in contact with another champion; Dr. Christopher Bradley, to explore the possibilities to recover what was almost a dead project for me to complete my doctoral dissertation requirements. I don’t have enough words to describe, how not just the technical expertise of Dr. Bradley helped me, but his genuine desire to see me succeed. You cannot put a price on this type of quality of service. I would advise any doctoral student not to wait until the last minute to find this type of consulting and coaching services. I could have saved lots of resources and time, thousands of dollars and years if I had sought out their help earlier. I am glad the game is over and that I can say ” I am a Doctor” but it could have not been possible without the help of my new friends at The Dissertation Coach.Thank you so much for your mission to restore faith and confidence to those of us who were ready to give up!

Joseph, PhD

Kevin Hylton, my dissertation coach, is amazing. First, he helped me to improve my writing and I actually began to enjoy the process. His feedback was timely and extremely accurate. He knows the process and what is required every step of the way. He even helped me navigate the personalities of my committee. I highly recommend this service if you want to stay motivated to finish or finish sooner, if you want to improve your skills and the final product, or if you just need someone to share the struggles and triumphs of the journey.

Charles M. Russo, Ph.D. Capella University – Public Safety

SUCCESS! In the spring of 2017, after months of back and forth with my committee and advisor making revision after revision that seemed to be getting me nowhere, I reached out to Alison Miller at The Dissertation Coach who matched me to Deirdre Rogers. Within the first review and revision done by Deirdreh, my proposal was accepted. When I say months, I mean 17 months of getting nowhere with the university (only constant back and forth revisions). Each time I communicated with Deirdre, I was moving forward and encouraged to improve. 18 months later (July 2018) my dissertation was accepted and approved by my committee with very minor edits. I went through Dean approval with no edits needed. Deirdre was the pinnacle of knowledge regarding quantitative data collection and analysis and she pushed me to understand the process and how to make sense of the results. She prepared me for my defense, taking the guess work out and allowing me to feel comfortable. She was highly responsive to me the entire time we worked together. I hesitated in hiring The Dissertation Coach at first. You shouldn’t! Thank you Alison and Dierdre, I could not have progressed as fast without you!

Dr. Martin House, Northeastern University

Working with my coach at The Dissertation Coach made the difference between completing my doctoral degree and giving up. My coach (Deirdre Rogers) helped me every step of the way. She was there as an academic support and she supported me when I wanted to give up. Her expertise was priceless. She was extremely easy to work with, kind, and friendly. She supported me more than I anticipated, and it was worth every penny.

Anonymous Doctoral Student

I came to the Dissertation Coach seeking assistance with my doctoral comprehensive exams. I was paired with Kevin Hylton and it was by far the smartest decision I could have made. I learned more from Kevin in two weeks than I learned throughout my entire doctorate process. His guidance, insight, and calming/non-judgmental voice ensured that I passed my comprehensive exams. I am looking forward to using Kevin throughout my dissertation journey. I am beyond grateful and cannot say enough compliments. You will not be disappointed using the Dissertation Coach’s services.


I had the pleasure of working with Rowena Robles as my dissertation coach to finish my dissertation before my defense. She guided me with exactly what I needed to get to the finish line: feedback for my work that truly enhanced the final project, encouragement when I felt isolated and afraid of what to expect, and confidence that I was ready to defend my dissertation.

If you feel like you are alone and uncertain with the dissertation and/or defense process, I urge you to contact the Dissertation Coach! Not only did I pass my dissertation defense without revisions, I was invited to write articles with the committee. If you are willing to put in the hard work, the team at the Dissertation Coach can prepare you to succeed. Thank you, Rowena, and Alison, too,
for such a positive experience with your business! I would recommend your service to anyone going through a doctoral program.

Anonymous, PhD

I want to thank The Dissertation Coach and Dr. Christopher Bradley for guiding me through the dissertation journey. This was no small feat. I am happy and excited to finally say that I am “done and done.” I completed my dissertation and successfully defended my doctoral project. I greatly value the support, guidance, patience and encouragement given to me by my coach. Dr. Bradley was great. I am so happy I made that call and decided to go forward with The Dissertation Coach. Alison, I still recall our conversation and how frustrated I was at that time. Thank you for pairing me with the perfect coach. I would definitely recommend The Dissertation Coach. In fact, I already have.

Anonymous, PhD Candidate

When I began working with Michal Lemberger over a year ago, I had already encountered a series of setbacks with my dissertation. My advisor is well-meaning, but her laissez-faire approach results in little guidance or feedback. This had not been a problem during my coursework, but when my dissertation proposal reached my program’s wider committee, they would not approve it. After several rounds of frustrating revisions, which spanned a year, the committee finally approved my proposal. Shortly thereafter, I discovered that a student from another program had received major funding for the same idea. It was every grad student’s worst nightmare. I managed to create a new topic from the wreckage of my old one and decided that if my advisor wasn’t going to vet my work before it reached a wider audience, I would have to find someone who would. After watching Alison’s lectures online, I decided to contact The Dissertation Coach, and am very glad I did. During last summer and fall, Michal helped me revise my new dissertation proposal, two conferences papers, and several fellowship applications. Her timely, clear, and focused feedback was exactly what I had been looking for from my advisor. Michal’s input has improved my writing immensely, and I am pleased to report that I have received three major fellowships for the next year. I will continue to work with Michal as I draft my dissertation, and I feel much more confident about the processes knowing that I can count on her wisdom and support.


The Dissertation Coach helped me more than I could ever imagine! I am so grateful for this service and would recommend it to anyone who needs an extra eye (or hand) getting through the dissertation process!

Shannon, PhD

I seriously could not have made it without Rowena Robles at The Dissertation Coach!!! She has been such a rock and constant encourager through this entire process. It has been a blessing to work with her. I appreciate her sharing her expertise, setting goals for me and holding me accountable, and for always making me feel good and confident about my progress. Rowena kept me sane and kept me going, especially when times were extra tough. Thank you for having such amazing staff! It has been a pleasure to work with Rowena! I’m certain she is your best coach!


Dr. Kevin Hylton has been such a pleasure to work with. Initially, I felt reserved given that I had never worked with a company like The Dissertation Coach. However, I quickly found that there was nothing to worry about; the services provided were well worth it. Dr. Hylton is extremely patient and knowledgeable about research and research methodology. He never comes across as judgmental or disinterested, but instead appears to possess a genuine interest in one’s success and emotional well-being. He is very encouraging and his feedback is easy to understand and follow. Dr. Hylton has been able to meet me where I was at every stage throughout the dissertation process. My only regret is that I wish I had found him sooner. Needless to say, I am glad I found him when I did.

Dr. Harold D Lewis, Sr., Education

Dear Dissertation Coach ! The human language is too limited to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for your consulting services. It is because of the expertise and coaching at The Dissertation Coach that I am Dr. Harold D. Lewis, Sr. today. I shall cherish my experience with The Dissertation Coach family for the rest of my life. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and it is my prayer that blessings and favor shower you forever.


Kathryn Peterson was incredibly resourceful, not only as an editor, but as a mentor and a source of moral support. She was so accessible, personable and helpful. She went out of her way to check on me and made herself accessible before as I prepared for an important job talk. I truly could not be more grateful.

Breanna, EdD In Education

Working with Ani Moughamian was great! I was on a strict timeline, and she was able to work with me to ensure that I met all my deadlines. I struggle with organization and word choice, and Ani was able to show me how to bring my ideas and information together and make them flow in a clear, concise manner. I couldn’t have done it without her.

PhD Survivor

I can honestly say that I would not have completed my PhD without the guidance and support of Deirdre Rogers. I chose The Dissertation Coach after researching 3 companies. Alison Miller called me personally to assess my needs. She understood the complexity of my research questions and approach and matched me with the perfect consultant. I looked forward to every session. Deirdre kindly kept me on track while also being flexible around my work and school schedules. I believe everyone can benefit greatly from the services and feedback provided by The Dissertation Coach – even if you feel you don’t need help.

Former Client Of The Dissertation Coach, PhD

Dr. Christopher Bradley was the hardest worker and one of the most well prepared mentors, coaches, or faculty members I have worked with in 10-years of professional work experience. He took a genuine interest in my dissertation from start to finish. The coaching sessions were meaningful, thoughtful, and organized. Dr. Bradley has a sixth sense with students from a wide variety of backgrounds. He is a scholar-leader who has a deft touch adult learners. Fantastic experience! Strongest recommendation!

Alexandra H., MA

I just completed my masters thesis journey working with The Dissertation Coach and Deirdre Rogers on your team. I am writing to let you know that she did a truly outstanding, above-and-beyond job helping me throughout the entire process. Deirdre always responded to my emails promptly, showed up to all our Skype calls well prepared and ready to answer my questions, consistently gave me meaningful feedback, and got all the statistical analysis and edits back to me in a timely manner. I genuinely could not be more pleased! I will absolutely recommend my friends and family to work with The Dissertation Coach (especially Deidre). As a result of Deirdre’s support and encouragement, feedback, and Skype practice sessions, I passed my written thesis and oral thesis defense with flying colors, something I never imagined would possible seven months ago. I couldn’t have done it without her help.

Anna, Doctoral Student

I worked with Dr. Kristine Jones on the methodology and problem statement sections of my doctoral proposal. Kristine was precise, to the point, and very helpful overall. She gave me advice as to how the paragraphs need to flow logically. Overall, the experience with Kristine was very positive, and I look forward to working with her when it comes to data analysis.

David G. Kloak PhD. Organizational Psychology, California School Of Professional Psychology-Alliant International University

The Dissertation Coach provided me with the right consultant, Dr. Kathy Stansbury, when I was beginning the dissertation literature review. She was the awesome professional I needed to help me develop a clear hypothesis from my overwhelmed meanderings in the general literature. She saw what I was trying to articulate better than I could. She grounded me at the right time with the right pressure when needed help forming a concise study topic. She was crucial for my process and made the precise difference I needed at the appropriate time. This was instrumental in completing my dissertation.. Kathy patiently helped me put a clear proposal together working with through numerous iterations. She also helped me focus my Power Point presentations when I was presenting to my dissertation cohort. Her help gave me further confidence because I was getting good feedback from my cohort, my advisor and from Kathy. She also was crucial for statistical analysis, giving me a master class in good quantitative methods. I so needed her wisdom and insight with my study results. She also sent me to the right editor for my proposal and dissertation, Sue Morris of Editide. Together, Kathy and Sue helped me produce an outstanding dissertation draft and final submission to my committee. I successfully defended my dissertation and will graduate in June 2017.

I give The Dissertation Coach service my highest recommendation. They helped me when I was wandering around like so many ABDs. I’ve seen so many brilliant students fail to graduate because they get lost in the process and I wanted to ensure that didn’t happen to me. Please use this service. It will make a difference for you. It certainly did for me. Thank you The Dissertation Coach, Dr Alison Miller, Dr Kathy Stansbury and Sue Morris from Editide. Each one helped me across the finish line. Between the three of you and my committee, I have completed this phase of my education. I couldn’t be happier with the results. What a team. There is a degree and success on the other side.

Mickey Parsons, PsyD, MCC (Atlanta, GA)

I worked with Dr. Michael Sikes as my Dissertation Coach throughout 2015. Michael was knowledgeable and supportive as he helped shepherd me through the qualitative dissertation process. His help allowed me to complete my dissertation from concept through defense in just 54 weeks and with more confidence that I would have had going it alone. I highly recommend him to any other doctoral candidate considering qualitative research. Thanks again Michael!


I found The Dissertation Coach online and it was the best thing for me at the time. I worked with Kristine Jones and she was able to guide me along the path to complete my Master’s Thesis. I was lost in the writing process and she was able to get me back on the path to success. She was professional and candid. I would not have done as well as I did if it was not for her help. I recommend this group of professionals whole heartedly.

Nicole PhD, Walden University

I sought help with my chapter 4 as at the last minute I had to change from a quantitative study to a qualitative study and no idea what to do! My consultant was able to provide examples of how to code and look at themes. I appreciate that I did not have to navigate things on my own and learn to do things without outside guidance. I have recommended The Dissertation Coach to my friends who are still going through the process.

G.P., PhD, Education

Rowena Robles was so helpful in coaching me to the finish line! Without her guidance, I would still be struggling to finish my already prolonged dissertation, but instead I will be graduating and celebrating my success. I am grateful to Alison Miller for connecting me with Rowena and for finding the right fit. Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true!

Lauren, PsyD, Alliant International University

After watching Alison Miller’s YouTube video, I decided that THIS COACHING SERVICE IS FOR ME! I constantly struggled with maintaining motivation and related to so much of what Alison discussed in the dissertation workshop video on her website, that I chose to contact The Dissertation Coach. I highly recommend watching this video!

My deepest gratitude and sincere appreciation is extended to Kathy Stansbury for her warm support and expert guidance throughout the preparation and execution of my dissertation. Kathy worked closely with me from the beginning stages of my dissertation to the very end. Even with our 3-hour time difference, she was always readily available. Kathy helped me establish manageable timelines, set short and long-term goals, and shared useful tips that I will use for the rest of my life! When I had setbacks and feelings of self-doubt, she always knew what to say to keep me motivated and moving forward. I really enjoyed hearing her personal stories about her dissertation and graduate school experience. Kathy not only encouraged excellence throughout this academic endeavor but she also contributed to my personal growth by helping me accept that “this being human is a guest house.” In addition to challenging me to work hard and generously sharing with me her confidence in my abilities, Kathy’s personal commitment to clarifying the seemingly insurmountable task of completing my dissertation was invaluable, and her ingenious contributions significantly enriched my project! Thank you for everything, Kathy!!

Michelle Purdom, PhD, RN

My experience with The Dissertation Coach started with Alison Miller who took the time to find out my specific needs and explain the customized services available. She had a sense of urgency and commitment to finding the right coach for me and it paid off. Initially I worked with Rowena Robles on my dissertation proposal. She was fast, honest, and knowledgeable. I was able to successfully defend my dissertation! The next step was publishing my results in a peer reviewed journal. Once again I reached out to Rowena and she quickly referred me to her colleague Jennifer Gonzalez who has more experience in my specialty and my target journal. Once again I had a positive experience. Jennifer kept my budget in mind and the turn-around times expected from the journal Everyone I have come into contact with at The Dissertation Coach convinced me that I would finish and I would publish. Having these professionals in my corner made all the difference in the world! I’m happy to say the results of my study will be published in an upcoming issue of my first choice target journal. Thank you!

PhD In Business

Alison and her team were fabulous in keeping me focused throughout my dissertation process. Without the direct support of The Dissertation Coach, I certainly would not have made it through the process. I appreciate all of their help and support.

Judith, PhD, Trident University

I want to thank the Dissertation Coach for the excellent support I received for both statistics and dissertation editing and consulting. I had reached what is commonly referred to “as the end of my rope” when The Dissertation Coach offered the support and encouragement needed to complete this process. I was seriously thinking of terminating my relationship with the university and I believe that The Dissertation Coach’s timely and expert intervention is what has allowed me to use the title Dr. today. I cannot thank you enough.

Dr. Darrell Price, DBA

The Dissertation Coach was an invaluable resource that helped me finish a stalled Dissertation. The staff was very knowledgeable, helpful, and timely in their responses. I found the team to be professional and very courteous. I am profoundly grateful and attribute a significant amount of my success to the Dissertation Coach Team.

Use them!!!

Anonymous, PhD

I am a former client of Dissertation Coach working with Dr. Harry McGinnis. I have completed my doctorate work at a university in the UK. I was a mature student working full time and doing my PhD part time. Harry’s work with me helped me get through a time where I was not making as much dissertation progress as I wanted. Afterwards, I was refocused and made good progress once again after getting bogged down. I think a key a key part of The Dissertation Coach is matching between consultant and client. For me, Harry turned out to be a good match. Well done.

Jarid T. Ison, DBA

Reflecting back on my educational career and the transformation I have made as a academic, I have to say if you asked me 10 years ago I would never have guessed that I would have a doctorate degree. Well, today I can proudly say that I have something that the majority of people do not have, my Doctorate in Business Administration. It was a lot of hard work and without the help of The Dissertation Coach, I would not have been able to finish. Dr. Harry McGinnis is an amazing resource, mentor, and I consider him a friend. Harry was there with me through the good days and the bad. If I needed to call and vent, or just run something by him, he made the time to be there for me. Dr. Alison Miller who owns the company, is engaged in all of her clients and willing to talk with them. I had a few battles to fight with my university, and both Alison and Harry were engaged through the entire process. If you need help, feel like the challenge cannot be overcome, do not lose hope. Call The Dissertation Coach and they will get you through it. My experience here has changed my life, and I cannot send enough praises out about this organization.

Amberly Wagner-Connolly DNP, MSN, RN

Dear Alison, I truly believe that if I had not found The Dissertation Coach I would not have made it through my doctoral program. As a busy mom of 6, working full time, with baby number 7 on the way and only a few classes and my project to go for completion of my DNP, I was desperate for some guidance. I was so stressed and feeling hopeless until my consultant, Deirdre Rogers came into the picture. She reminded me that I am an expert, and that I do have very important contributions to bring to the world. She was always just an email away and was so quick to respond to my questions no matter how “dumb” I thought they might be. She never made me feel judged and she truly was the miracle I needed. When baby 7 came (#3 during my Doctorate) I was convinced I would never be able to pull it off. When I was at a low point, a phone call and additional guidance from my consultant always pushed me to keep moving forward. She took the time to understand what was important to me and helped me create a plan to make it happen. Her turnaround time was excellent and her knowledge was priceless. This month I can say I am finally done with my degree, but I am not done pursuing my dreams to make a difference in the world. I plan to continue to take advantage of the services my consultant has to offer throughout the rest of my career. I value her input and I know that she will be an excellent resource for me for years to come. I cannot thank you and Deirdre enough!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sought assistance from The Dissertation Coach early on in my dissertation because I knew the importance of a great start. After my initial consultation with Alison Miller, PhD., I knew I had the right agency to guide me throughout my dissertation. During that initial consultation, Dr. Miller suggested that I work with Rowena Robles, PhD., who was an expert in my research topic. Dr. Robles provided valuable knowledge on my research topic. For example, in my literature review, I was hinting about a specific theory that I knew nothing about. However, Dr. Robles recognized the theory right away and recommended that I read up on it because she knew it would make my research stronger. After reading about that theory, I agreed with Dr. Robles that it was appropriate for my research. I wrote about that theory in my literature review and used it as part of my conceptual framework. Without Dr. Robles’ knowledge, I would have never learned about that theory and my dissertation would have been weak. Throughout my dissertation, I knew Dr. Robles’ intentions were to help me write a strong dissertation. I would highly recommend The Dissertation Coach and Dr. Robles to others. Thank you Dr. Miller and Dr. Robles.

N.B., PhD

When I contacted The Dissertation Coach I needed a lot of help with my concept paper because my mentor was not helping me at all. I had already been working on my concept paper for 15 months and I was not progressing. Alison paired me with Harry on the team. Harry had a lot of experience related to my topic. Honestly, Harry provided more guidance and mentoring than my chair ever did. Harry helped me with the entire dissertation process all the way through to my defense. I´m so grateful to The Dissertation Coach and Harry for their invaluable feedback and support.

Recent PhD, Humanities

Recently I walked in my PhD graduation ceremony and I know this would not have been possible without the support, encouragement and advice provided by Michal Lemberger and The Dissertation Coach. I was facing a touch situation where my advisor was unhappy with my work but provided very vague feedback and ultimately did not seem willing to either read or support my work. Michal provided consistent, clear feedback and talked me through the weaknesses of my writing and pointed out where I could strengthen arguments. Her questions and suggestions were always on point. I can’t thank her enough and The Dissertation Coach for connecting me to such a wonderful resource. Thank you!


The person I worked with at The Dissertation Coach was a total rock star. Dr. Bradley was able to quickly assess my current situation and provide suggestions to move me forward. He worked with me and provided me with timely advice and never spent more billable time than necessary to conduct reviews. Without his assistance and guidance, I am positive I wouldn’t have been able to complete my program. My only regret is that I did not contact The Dissertation Coach sooner. I could have shaved years off the time it took to complete my dissertation and saved me thousands in tuition.


I was fairly apprehensive to work with The Dissertation Coach at first because I had never sought the assistance of anyone during graduate school. I had come to a place in my project work where I was basically struggling to move forward. I can honestly say that without the help of The Dissertation Coach’s and my consultant Rowena Robles, I would not be finished today. Rowena explained and framed things in such a way that I more easily could comprehend and we established deadlines to keep me on track. All of her suggestions and advice were spot on. That’s what The Dissertation Coach does, they pair you up with an expert in your respective field and guide you to your goal. I recommend The Dissertation Coach with complete confidence to anyone looking for professional guidance and assistance in the dissertation arena. Thanks Rowena and The Dissertation Coach team!

Shawntye, PhD Education

I struggled to get my concept paper approved for two years. My chair was not helpful at all and I was frustrated and ready to quit. After two requests to change chairs and a brief leave of absence, my request was finally granted. Before my new chair with my new session began, I decided to seek the help of The Dissertation Coach so that I could be prepared. I started working with Dr. Rowena Robles one month before my first meeting with my new chairperson. Rowena guided me in establishing reasonable goals and timelines and helped me to see how my ideas weren’t aligning with each other. She was very encouraging and checked in with me often. Once I started my new course with my new chair person, my concept paper was approved within 3 months! Rowena’s guidance, coaching and encouragement motivated me to complete my milestones on time. Once my concept paper and dissertation proposal were approved I was on a time crunch to get IRB approval, collect data, and defend before the graduation deadline. Rowena and The Dissertation Coach team got me from an approved concept paper to an approved dissertation and successful defense in less than a year! They were my lifelines when I needed them the most and I highly recommend the services of The Dissertation Coach. Everyone is responsive and very professional.

Yvette Monique Harris, EdD, Education Leadership, Liberty University, 2016

I began working with Rowena Robles due to a lack of support from my university. Not only was she able to assist me with the structure of my dissertation, she also provided me with relevant resources I was able to incorporate into my study. Her feedback was timely, and she made herself available when I needed her. Rowena’s style of assistance and encouragement included accountability phone calls and text messages along with her emails! This service is definitely worth utilizing. Had I used it before starting my study, I would have completed my doctorate even sooner!

Maria Luz Martinez, PhD, Clinical Psychology

Dr. Christopher Bradley was a critical instrument in my completion of my degree. As you might recall I spoke to two prior dissertation coaches and both said they couldn’t help me, I have three words to describe Dr. Bradley: professional, knowledgeable, and a true subject matter expert.

Tina Brady, EdD, NCU

My work with Ani Moughamian-Rosenberg has been an amazingly wonderful experience. She understands how to help a writer who is stuck. I asked her to help with findings and implications of my qualitative research. She was able to see where giving me a few examples of wording would get me to understand how to tell the story in a better way. With her examples and guidance for two chapters, I was able to go back and correct the entire document to make it read more smoothly and “tell the story” of my research. The reviews of my final submission of the dissertation resulted in comments such as “impressive” and “a model for other dissertation research” from the chair and committee. Ani always returned her suggestions in a timely manner or let me know where she was in the process, and sent me parts I could work on. She also let me know how long it took her to review my work and I couldn’t believe how efficiently she worked. Her insights were amazing and I’m sure the timeline of my dissertation would have been cut in half if I had worked with her from the beginning. Thank you to The Dissertation Coach for connecting me to Amazing Ani!

Renee D., Doctoral Student

I contacted The Dissertation Coach after many attempts to find affordable and high quality assistance with coding my qualitative data. I was paired with Mike Sikes who immediately put me at ease with the process. Mike gave me wonderful instructions and our check-in meetings were extremely helpful as I worked through the data. I went from nervous to confident in a few short weeks of working with him. I would not be where I am–almost over the finish line–without Mike’s assistance and support. Thank you!

Jill Jacobs

My dissertation proposal has just been submitted, right on time and on budget. This is what I have to say about Kris Jones: SHE IS THE BIG GUNS! I have been a teacher for decades, yet, her skills as a educator are inspirational. During the past six years, I have also worked with professional editors writing a manuscript. Kris’ editing expertise way beyond theirs. Kris was right there with me. She is hard-working, compassionate, flexible, and intelligent. What a difference her assistance made to my work, and, no doubt, my future. What a great service and I feel proud about my PhD Project and the investment to use your services.

Dr. JD

I would like to think that I was in a unique situation when I sought out The Dissertation Coach. I had successfully defended my thesis and was looking for a cleanup of the mess of a situation that I was in post-defense, pre-graduation. The Dissertation Coach not only provided me with the coaching and consulting needed to cross the finish line, but also the team was a support group. I didn’t think TDC was going to be more than a service, but Alison and Rowena actually checked in on me after I stopped using the service, and they really cared. I was at a very low point psychologically, and they lifted me up. Simply amazing.

Gene Hutchinson

Greatest acknowledgment to The Dissertation Coach, who guided me through my dissertation. I was totally lost as my chair did very little to assist me along the way. I came in contact with Alison Miller and Kristine Jones at The Dissertation Coach and today I am getting ready to graduate in June 2016. The assistance I received was total and complete, as I was guided with great precision to the end as soon as I found The Dissertation Coach. I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND this group as they were very professional and thorough. Thank you kindly.

Carol Brady, PsyD, Geropsychology

I have been fortunate to have help from two different coaches from the Dissertation Coach. Alison chose them for me and the fit was exceptional. Both coaches not only helped me with the editing of a thesis and dissertation I needed but they were also great cheerleaders helping to encourage me and keep me going through the writing process and on to success. I recently was awarded an additional Masters in General Psychology and a PsyD in Geropsychology. I cannot give Alison and her staff enough praise for the wonderful help they provided to me.

The Grateful PhD

You’ve come to the right place! Don’t panic because “there’s a solution.” The Dissertation Coach team gives new meaning to the word “professional.” All hands were on deck and supported me to the finish line. Thank you for sharing your expertise and service to the academic community.

Cora Case, PhD, Walden University

I would not have made it through without Rowena Robles, PhD. Thankfully, she was able to pull me out of despair several times during my dissertation proposal and final dissertation journey. Pursuing something as complicated and foreign as a PhD in the online university environment is not for the faint of heart. Even though you have a chair and a committee they are only accessible by phone or email as well as supporting several other students in the process. Having my very own coach on my side to navigate and work through the complexities of a dissertation definitely made the difference between success and failure. Rowena was the first person I called to tell her I had received URR approval and was on the last step of the approval process. She was so excited for me and now I am officially Dr. Case!!

Dr. Rivers

My consultant was excellent, very responsive, and took the time to answer any and all questions. I know that if it had not been for my consultant getting me on the right path with my research questions I would have been in big trouble down the road.

Selena Fischer PhD

I had a very successful experience with utilizing the services of Dissertation Coach when completing my PhD. I worked with Rowena Robles, PhD and had a very positive experience. The staff was very friendly. Their knowledge base and turn around rate definitely supported my needs. I would highly recommend the use of their services.

Anonymous, PhD, North Central University

I contacted The Dissertation Coach when I was still struggling with a topic. I had a general idea of the direction that I wanted to go with my dissertation topic but was really having trouble envisioning exactly how all of the pieces were going to fit together. I wanted to begin the dissertation process with a firm grip on exactly what my topic was going to be, my research question was going to address, and my study was going to look like. I cannot imagine how much longer this process would have taken and how much more stressful this process would have been without outside help. Within the first few conversations, my topic took shape and I really had a good idea of what my study was going to entail as well. I would recommend STARTING with a dissertation consultant to anyone who is beginning the dissertation process. There are several reasons that I recommend this. First of all, they helped me avoid a lot of pitfalls that I would have stumbled into had I been going at it blindly. The people who work at The Dissertation Coach have seen it all and can guide you around things that are going to cause you major headaches later down the road. They can also show you the most efficient way to go about things so that you aren’t spinning your wheels. Additionally, the university chairs often have HUGE case loads and cannot devote adequate attention to their students. I found that it was incredibly helpful to run things by a dissertation consultant before submitting them to my chair. By doing so, I was able to clear up the big problems so that my chair had very few comments/change requests and I was able to move through my milestones relatively quickly. From start to finish, my dissertation took almost exactly a year to complete. From reading the forums at NCU, I know that many people have much different dissertation experiences. I do not feel that I could have possibly completed my dissertation this quickly without the support and advice of The Dissertation Coach. I am so very thankful that The Dissertation Coach exists and would recommend the services of this company to ANYONE who is beginning this journey. They can save you some time, your sanity, and ultimately save you money as well. I guarantee I spent less money on dissertation coach services that I would have spent on extra dissertation classes.


The support, feedback, and guidance throughout my research study from The Dissertation Coach was impeccable. In addition, I have never met such thoughtful, competent, gifted, personable, resourceful, analytical, and talented academics. They went above and beyond with personalized attention. The Dissertation Coach has my highest recommendation!

Patrick Whitaker, PhD, Instructional Technology, The University Of Alabama

My experience with The Dissertation Coach was beyond exceptional. I can say, unequivocally, that without the support of my coach (Alison Miller) and consultant (Carrie Petrucci), I would not have completed my PhD. I worked with Carrie for over two years and very sporadically at times. She was able to pick right up at any point that I needed her. She was very fair about hours charged and extremely knowledgeable about all types of statistical analyses. She even helped me work through some things while she was off taking care of personal business on the other side of the country. When I was about to throw in the towel, I talked with Alison first. She not only convinced me that I could complete my doctorate but provided critical strategies to help me overcome ADHD, procrastination, and writer’s block (among other things). Any time I felt like I could not continue, Alison was there with an adequate solution to my problem. The Dissertation Coach provided me with detailed feedback on my writing that we all hope our chair will provide. Unfortunately, that fails to happen all too often. This was a bargain compared to tuition and it was exactly what I needed – when I needed it. I checked out several coaches before committing to TDC. Though there are many good ones, the value provided by Alison and her team is hard to beat. If you are overwhelmed by frustration and confusion, The Dissertation Coach can help you deal with it and move forward to a successful conclusion of your degree. I recommend them without reservation. You will not be disappointed!

Martin, PhD, Education, Trident University International

I would like to thank The Dissertation Coach especially Dissertation Consultant and Statistician, Christopher Bradley for all the support he provided me both personally and professionally. His level of expertise as a statistician and editor is exemplary. I wanted to give up so many times but it was Christopher that encouraged me not to give up. I can recall his words ringing in my ears, “You have come too far to give up, if you just hang in there, I will get you to the finish line.” No words could express the impact and motivation of those encouraging words from Christopher and I am internally grateful for him not giving up on me. I highly recommend the Dissertation Coach to anyone that is working on his or her dissertation. I learned a very important lesson about my work during my dissertation and that is, if you cannot do it by yourself it makes a big difference to hire an expert to help you gain the skills you need to get across the finish line. The Dissertation Coach did that for me.

V. B. H

I had a wonderful process of learning. The consultant I was assigned to was a great statistician (Dr. Kathy Stansbury). She helped me a great deal with stats, provided emotional support and was very accessible to me. The Dissertation Coach is definitely a good company to consider when you feel helpless, don’t know what to do, or how to proceed with your study. I was very desperate when I started but learned a great deal during this process and built confidence and self-esteem.

GG, MA Applied Linguistics

I had a very positive experience with Stephanie Latkovski as my dissertation coach. After failing my first attempt, she helped me identify flaws with my dissertation and help me correct them in a way that my professor wasn’t able to. She took a real interest in me and my work and genuinely wanted me to pass. I would highly recommend her.

Anonymous, PhD

I highly recommend any student who is attempting to obtain a degree to request the consulting services of The Dissertation Coach. You will not be disappointed! It was an extreme pleasure to work with this company.


I had the distinct pleasure of working with The Dissertation Coach. Just about every doctoral student has moments of feeling “stuck” along the road to completion. The dissertation journey can be extremely isolating, unforgiving, frustrating, and at times, the student can feel like he or she is digging a hole rather than making meaningful progress. The Dissertation Coach service was a true lifesaver for me. What I would say to any doctoral student reading this: what I loved so much about the service I received from the Dissertation Coach, is that the entire collaboration experience was about my personal learning and development. The biggest hurdle for any doctoral student will be the unique set of challenges, weaknesses, and blind spots we have as budding scholars: everything from stubborn writing habits to our data analysis skills. No one can be great in all areas, and this is where having the right type of coach can make an enormous difference. Unfortunately, not all chairpersons and committee members are talented student mentors. They may be brilliant human beings and knowledgeable in their field, and they may be very positive and encouraging, but academic coaching is an extremely specific skill-set and frankly, most career academics are less than adequate at knowing how to best develop the individual doctoral student when they have hit a wall in their progress. If nothing else, they likely do not have adequate time even if they do have the ability! My decision to seek assistance from the Dissertation Coach was one of the best I’ve ever made in my life. This service helped me to grow tremendously as a scholar by identifying my key areas of opportunity. My coach helped me navigate over the hurdles! My coach was a true partner; an expert who was available to me at specific critical points to quality check, to advise, to counsel, and to encourage.

Anonymous, PhD

My dissertation consultant helped me better understand comments provided by my dissertation advisor. Coaching was useful in ensuring my qualitative research methods were considered trustworthy in my dissertation proposal. After defending my proposal, I sought help developing my findings, writing vignettes, and editing my literature review. I discussed with my Coach how to create a better balance between claims and evidence, use vignettes to emotionally connect with the reader, and balance my observational vignettes with interview data–in short, how to write findings in a qualitative study. My consultant also helped me reorganize some key points in the literature review to help readers understand my phenomenon. 200 plus pages later, my dissertation and defense were accepted by my committee for publication. Working with The Dissertation Coach helped me fill in gaps created by being an off-campus student, a novice researcher, and working full time.

R. B., PhD, Management

My dissertation consultant, Deidre Rogers, made traveling to an unfamiliar land of doing a dissertation a pleasant journey. In looking back, I would have spent twice as long wandering around trying to find my own way without her. So much time and effort was saved as she directed me to add some here, cut back there and gave context to the areas of uncertainty. She was a constant source of encouragement, inspiration and insight. Why go in blind when you can have a seasoned guide at your side?

Anonymous, Doctor Of Nursing Practice, Nursing, Walden University

My first experience with dissertation editing was with another company who promised to get my dissertation done in 1 month. They asked me to pay upfront and as I was desperate for help, I wired them the money via Western Union. They first edit of my document was promised in 4 days, One week later, I was still waiting, they maintained communication with me via email, eventually, their telephone number was not working anymore. The next thing I knew, the email address was not working anymore, when I sent an email it was returned to back to me. I went online looking for them and their new contact information but they seem to have disappeared. I panicked and called The Dissertation Coach. In search of answers, I spoke to Dr. Alison Miller and explained my unfortunate experience with the other company. She explained how her business operates in an open, straightforward manner. Given my prior experience, it took me some time to have faith and work with her company. I decided to give her company a try. Thank God I did. Alison recommended Dr. Christopher Bradley who took me on and worked with me through thick and thin. I had many sleepless nights, where I doubted myself and questioned whether, I would ever get to the end of my program. If you get to a point where you feel like you have been “boxed in” and you feel like calling the whole thing quits, reach out to Dr. Alison Miller. She is fair and like a mother hen, she is very protective of her clients and the people who work for her. I trusted her and I followed her instructions and Christopher’s lead. In the end, I have Christopher to thank for the rest of my life. It was not because I was not smart enough. I have always been an A student throughout my school life but the dissertation portion of the program was extremely confusing to me because, as a nurse, we are not trained to do research. Also English is my second language. Yet the expectation for research or dissertation does not change because of your discipline or your mother tongue. The key to it is persistence, hard work, patience, and perseverance! Your dissertation coach and Dr. Alison Miller have a vested interest in your success. They don’t give up on you until you make it to the the finish line. Many thanks to Dr. Christopher Bradley my faithful dissertation consultant, Dr. Alison Miller and Ray Meek for your amazing company to help struggling student achieve our educational goals. I would strongly recommend any student regardless of your discipline, to reach out to the company that truly works. Stick it out with them and they will coach you to the finish line! If I can get there, you too can. I wish you the very best in your dissertation Journey and your future endeavors.

K. Mac, PhD

As the process of finishing the dissertation became more and more daunting, I started to become disenchanted and was on the verge of quitting. Then I found out about The Dissertation Coach. I worked with a member of their team named Harry McGinnis who was a god-send. He not only consulted with me and pointed in the right direction but his motivation and stewardship is why I have my doctorate. Through each obstacle, he was patient and was able to keep me going. I am grateful to The Dissertation Coach and to Harry for helping make my goal of earning a doctoral degree a reality.

Jo Anne M. Bonomi, Ph.D., Management

Let’s be honest with each other, the dissertation process is daunting, challenging and a test of true grit. Any preconceived notions we might have of our academic prowess are quickly dismissed with the hard core reality of what I call dissertation (constructive) criticism. The feedback received for required edits are not just grammar related, they are in-depth challenges of understanding design, methodology and analysis. If you think you know it, the subject matter experts from scientific merit review will be sure to put what you think you know to the test. It was at this point when I knew in order to have any hope of saving face, I needed the assistance and support from more than just my mentor, I needed someone on my side that would make it okay for me to admit my ignorance and help me fill needed gaps for the chance to speak in the knowledgeable doctoral tone required to pass through the PhD gate.

I had previous conversations with The Dissertation Coach and spoke at length with Allison to outline my experience and goals, but somehow this return visit felt different. I made changes with my mentor, I battled ethical and moral principles, and challenged the process enough to deliver the message “I am not going away. This process means something to me, and until I achieve it, you will continue to see and read me.” When Allison heard and recognized my passion, she identified the person who would provide the best fit.

Dr. Christopher Bradley, you have been the inspiration and academic professional who introduced me to terms that will forever leave an indelible mark on my brain. Yes, ANOVA F test, R-Square, Unstandardized b coefficients, t-test were challenging in their own right, but when Dr. Bradley took me into the four-assumption abyss of linearity, homoscedasticity, independence/normality of errors and multicollinearity, I had serious concerns of ever coming back to that place called normalcy. Not only did Dr. Bradley share his knowledge with patience (trust me he needed it), he also opened his brain to flood me with knowledge beyond belief.

It was important for me to share my journey with you, because it is important for you to understand you are where you are supposed to be. This is not a mistake. You are not expected to know everything there is to know about dissertation, and you are not expected to spend money you might not have needlessly in order to get through the process. If you have not done so already, contact Alison Miller and help her understand what you are experiencing. Be patient with yourself and know every professional on The Dissertation Coach team is ready and prepared to help you succeed.

Vernon Loeffler, Ph.D., Business

Dr. Ani Moughamian was extremely helpful to me while working on my dissertation. She provided valuable information that helped me complete my dissertation after struggling with it for many years. It was very obvious that she spent time reading through my dissertation drafts and then made extremely insightful suggestions for improvement. She provided reasonable estimates of when to expect draft revisions and always sent them within the time promised. I found Dr. Ani Mougamian to be a great asset that made the completion of my dissertation a reality. Thank you, Vernon Loeffler, Ph.D.

Dr. E

When I first called the Dissertation Coach Alison Miller connected me with Dr. Christopher Bradley and I truly can not thank her enough. Chris was a real blessing to me. I was not making any progress with my committee until Christopher starting consulting with me. He took the time to go over every step of the process and he also gave me the support that I needed to get to the finish line. I am so happy I made the decision to call the Dissertation Coach it was one of the best calls that I have ever made in my life!


I just wanted to let you know what an AWESOME help Christopher Bradley has been to me!! His knowledge, way of delivery and effective teaching methods with some of the most complicated of statistics has been all I could have ever hoped. He has been conscientious with our appointments, available and more than supportive and kind to walk me through all I need to do. His incredible knowledge of statistics and the SPSS program is a God-send. Because of him, I am on the home stretch of my dissertation!!! I am so impressed with the qualiity of help and support from your company and from Christopher in particular. I have referred all my class-mates, they are likely to be contacting you! I can’t say enough about what an incredible service you offer to doctoral students struggling through their dissertations. I am grateful to you for setting this up and bringing in such high quality individuals as part of your organization. You guys are THE one-stop shop for support with dissertations, hands down!! I did interview someone else prior to you guys–they didn’t speak English as a first language (were very hard to understand) and they just crunched numbers without any support along the way. Christopher not only understands my language, he has helped me understand his (statistics!!) I am so glad I stumbled across you on the internet. Keep up the great work!! You have my total support!!

Anonymous, Doctoral Student

I thought I’d drop you a note to tell you how much I appreciate the services offered by the Dissertation Coach. For years, I struggled with writing my dissertation. Despite my best efforts, I just could not take it past infancy. In frustration, I signed up with the Dissertation Coach last December. Since then, my progress has been phenomenal! I am happy to say that the dissertation is now a toddler and I continues to progress. I could not have done this without the Dissertation Coach and the support of my fabulous editor and writing coach, Michal Lemberger!

Shirley M. Mayton, PhD, SPHR

The Dissertation Coach services were instrumental in the successful completion of my Dissertation. Christopher Bradley could not have been a better consultant. He walked me through everything with patience and clear explanations. It had been many years since I studied statistics, and he brought everything to life again. I received high allocates from my committee and passed my Oral Defense with flying colors! I could not have accomplished this without Christopher.

Dr. Clayton R. Alford

I have had the distinct pleasure of having Dr. Kristine Jones work privately with me while I was a Doctoral Candidate in The School of Advanced Studies at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Jones worked with me to fine-tune my Dissertation research topic and to format my hypotheses into the format required by the University. Working on a dissertation is challenging for many learners, Dr. Jones had a wealth of experience to help me understand the process and with her help, and I was able to use my time wisely during the formal writing process. Dr. Jones thoroughly understands APA formatting and editing and can provide students with accurate editorial services as well as tools to understand theoretical questions. Dr. Jones did not perform the work for you, but, rather, she worked with you to understand the techniques necessary for completing theoretical analyses. I highly recommend Dr. Kristine Jones as a research advisor who has the intellect and first-hand experience to help doctoral students navigate the dissertation process. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Kristine Jones as an exceptional and capable dissertation consultant who has the experience and skills to work effectively with students needing technical assistance writing the dissertation.

L.R., EdD Candidate

Dr. Ani Moughamian has been great! She has provided me with specific feedback and focus with writing my dissertation. She is very encouraging. Even with life challenges, she guides the learner with ways to make progress. With her assistance, I hope to be submitting a completed proposal in the next couple of weeks and a completed dissertation over the next couple of months.

MG, Dissertation Candidate

Having worked on my dissertation for a number of years now, I was eager to move forward with my goals. I wasn’t sure what to expect even though I worked with an editor in the past. I knew that I had a lot of good data and an opportunity to benefit the research field. However, I just couldn’t articulate my thoughts in a scholarly manner or in a way that would be worthy of publication. My consultant was able to help me improve my work a great deal. She provided suggestions that didn’t change what I was trying to say but instead, helped me improve my writing and delivery without doing the writing for me. I am so grateful for the time and effort she put into assisting me. It was worth every penny. I look forward to celebrating as I am now at the final stage of oral examination. I was impressed that it was the owner, Alison Miller, PhD who contacted me directly after I contacted her company. She took extra care to match me to the right consultant. This is a good company with good intentions and well worth the investment, so don’t think twice!

Anonymous, M.S.

I have to admit that in the beginning, I was very skeptical and nervous about hiring a dissertation consultant. I had heard and read some terrifying stories about some of the other consulting companies, however, when I got in touch with Dr. Miller she put all my anxiety to rest in a very supportive and gentle manner. Working with my consultant has been such a wonderful experience that I don’t even have the words to describe it. Her attention to detail and level of care was extraordinary. At times, she could even sense my anxiety over the email and was able to calm me down and help me progress even further. She was able to explain statistics to me in a way that I have finally been able to understand it. Learning statistics in undergrad and grad school was dreadful for me, but she has actually made it exciting which is quite an accomplishment. She walked me through understanding SPSS and helped me understand the results of my analysis. What has impressed me the most is that it really feels that this work isn’t just a business, but it is evident that they both actually care about students’ success. I couldn’t be happier with their services. Soon, I will be defending my doctoral dissertation and I couldn’t have done it without their support.

Renyaldo Hernandez, PhD

A few days ago, I finished my dissertation and the day I passed my defense was the happiest ending of a very long but productive and rewarding journey. The PhD program was a very successful family project that involved and impacted the entire family for many years and although it was very successful, it was extremely challenging. Writing my dissertation was the hardest part of my journey. Quite often, I was discouraged and overwhelmed about the entire process and more than once, I thought about deserting the program. However, finding Dr. Alison Miller from Dissertation Coach was a lifesaver for me. During our initial conversation, she immediately understood my needs and quickly assigned Dr. Jill Blackwell to my project. Dr. Blackwell was able to successfully guide me through the entire process and gave me the tools to successfully finish my dissertation. Dr. Jill Blackwell always had the right words of encouragement when I felt the sky was falling, she coached me and guided me through the entire dissertation process in addition to reviewing and editing my entire manuscript, she is an excellent and very knowledgeable professional and a great person to work with, I am so happy and lucky I had Dr. Jill Blackwell as part of my dissertation team. Thank you Dr. Blackwell.

Anonymous, PhD

I had the good fortune to work with Michal Lemberger, PhD when I was behind schedule and struggling with my first chapter in the beginning stage of writing my dissertation. By carefully reading my half-coherent notes, she was able to envision the whole project and guide me through the painful process of rethinking and restructuring my chapters. Her suggestions were always concrete and helpful. She infected me with her “can do” attitude and gave me simple tools to fight procrastination and other obstacles that interfered with productive work. As a result, I was able to complete my dissertation on time and improve the quality of my analysis.

Donovan Hugh James MSc. BSc. (Hons) MCMI

I am writing to inform you that I was successful in completing my Masters Degree in Security and Risk Management with the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. This was confirmed by the school’s External Examination Board Meeting on 10 June 2014. I also wanted to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Kristine Jones for the guidance and encouragement that she provided to me throughout my dissertation re-submission process. At time, the process of writing a thesis was really challenging but Dr. Jones never gave up on me, and as a result I did not give up on myself. Now I can see that with hard work and perseverance, one can always achieve greatness. Dr. Jones, thank you for being so patient and understanding with me during the process. I truly believe that you actually placed yourself in my shoes, you were able to relate to me and what I was trying to achieve in my dissertation, on every level. I could not ask for more than that. For that, I am extremely grateful. Dr. Miller I do believe that you are providing a great service to the academic community and I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone in need. Please keep up the good work.

Marie Ice, Masters Of Art Degree In Religion From Fordham University

The task of writing a Masters thesis was overwhelming for me until I connected with The Dissertation Coach and specifically Kathryn Peterson. Kathryn was an ideal match for me because of her constant encouragement based in professionalism and knowledge of writing. She taught me how to organize my outline within a specific chapter before I began to write. When my writing began to wander away from the subject of the chapter she expertly guided me back to task with a simple question. I am very grateful for Kathryn’s advice and expert attention to detail.

Sarah, PhD Candidate

I was in a terrible situation with my committee – stuck and paralyzed and uncertain that I’d be able to graduate. After the first hour of talking to my consultant at The Dissertation Coach, she re-assured me that this was not an insurmountable situation and that we could work through it. In the subsequent months my consultant has been helping me to develop a new topic, work through dealing with my struggles with my committee chair, and given me tremendous insight into how to navigate this process. Honestly, I would never be where I am without her guidance and support. She has saved my sanity and been one of the best things to come out of this process. I still have a ways to go before completion but I’m so grateful that I have The Dissertation Coach on my team now.

Evan Kent, Doctorate In Music Education

When I finished the first draft of my dissertation, it was returned with significant comments. I knew I no longer had the perspective to re-edit and re-format the dissertation. Through an internet search, I found The Dissertation Coach, beginning a long and fruitful relationship with my personal dissertation consultant, Michal Lemberger, Ph.D. Michal provided the “tough love” I needed. Her knowledge, method, and no-nonsense approach provided the scaffolding I needed to rewrite and reorganize hundreds of pages. Eventually, I developed a document of which I was quite proud. At the 11th hour, one of the readers of the dissertation found fault with large sections of the document. Again, Michal’s wisdom and care provided a sound and concrete method for addressing these revisions head on. Without her care, I would have not been able to see the proverbial forest from the trees.

Michal has also helped me with post-doctoral program applications, conference and paper proposals, and my dissertation is currently under review for publication by an academic press. She has been an exemplary coach and I am truly grateful to her wisdom and guidance.

Doreen F., PhD

In my case, it wasn’t a lack of hard work or motivation holding me back. I was successful in my classes and enjoying the journey of graduate school when I was assigned an incompetent advisor for my dissertation. Long story short, I received no assistance whatsoever from her in crafting my first dissertation proposal; after she singlehandedly rejected my proposal, she assigned a new topic and demanded another full proposal. Her feedback was routinely convoluted and condescending. Feeling frustrated and lost, I started surfing the internet for a coach. I cannot express the enormous relief I felt after just a few minutes on the phone with Dr. Alison Miller, and then with Dr. Christopher Bradley, my coach. It was clear he knew his stuff, and it was also clear he knew how to teach it. Suddenly, after spinning my wheels for two years with a nightmare for an advisor, the project flew. I can say with 100% certainty that I would have quit had it not been for Dr. Bradley’s support and expertise. He was incredibly insightful about the inner workings of the academic world, and skillfully navigated me through the drama with patience and a cheerfulness that I was sorely lacking at the time. Furthermore, once the project was underway, Dr. Bradley was there for me every step of the way. He is a quality editor, a brilliant statistician, and thoroughly knowledgeable in every aspect of the dissertation process. He was always on time for appointments and quick to provide feedback despite his busy schedule. He respected my input, and worked with me to find solutions to my questions and concerns. He was also funny, warm and personable. From the start, I knew I was in the hands of a superior coach who was sincerely committed to my success. After successfully defending my dissertation, he was one of the first people I called to share the news. No revisions were required, and the committee told me it was the tightest dissertation they had seen in some time. I can’t recommend Dr. Bradley and The Dissertation Coach highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Susan N. Werkheiser, D.Ed.

I found the Dissertation Coach online as I was preparing my dissertation proposal and IRB application. When I began working with Dr. Christopher Bradley, he listened to what I needed, made suggestions, took what I had put together and helped to polish it. As a seasoned researcher, his help with the IRB application was invaluable due to some unique circumstances and his work with me saved my study from needless delays. When my study was complete and I was at the analysis phase of my work, Dr. Bradley was again of immeasurable assistance. With both his statistical experience, qualitative data expertise, and editing skills, he helped my especially negotiate the chapter of my dissertation I was dreading the most. I can say with confidence that Dr. Bradley greatly contributed to my ability in completing my project and ultimately my doctoral degree. I am so glad I made a contact with the Dissertation Coach because now I’m D.Ed. and not ABD!

J. G., Florida

Over the past year I’ve worked with The Dissertation Coach on my dissertation. They had many great insights and wisdom to share with me and were able to steer me in the right direction and save time in the long run. Their statistical knowledge and help was invaluable as it helped to alleviate a lot of concerns with that portion of my research. They were always friendly, professional, and timely with answering questions and making recommendations. I would highly recommend working with The Dissertation Coach.

Anonymous, PhD

I wanted to let you know that Kristine Jones was fantastic to work with and provided me with invaluable assistance when I needed it the most. She saved me a lot of time and aggravation by helping me to clarify my own thinking and to become a better writer. I sincerely enjoyed working with Kristine and would wholeheartedly recommend her and your company to anyone embarking on the dissertation journey.

L.K., Education Doctoral Student, Illinois

Several months ago, I was looking for assistance and guidance to wrap up my dissertation. Thank God I found The Dissertation Coach! First, I spoke with Alison Miller. She was so friendly and accommodating…I could tell that she was genuinely in this to help people and I was so grateful. Then, I met my consultant, Christopher Bradley, PhD. He was there for me when I needed him! Christopher wasn’t your average dissertation consultant. He had a very thoughtful, direct, and detailed interaction style when he was providing feedback. Additionally, he was sensitive to my concerns and needs, very patient, and professional! I was extremely pleased with the final product that he delivered. Christopher is just great at what he does! Thank you Dissertation Coach!

Anonymous, Clinical Psychology, CA

I have really been impressed with the professionalism and the scholarly input I have received from Christopher Bradley, PhD at The Dissertation Coach in reviewing my dissertation proposal prior to submitting it to my Chair. I was not only looking for an editor to scrub my paper for APA standards, but I also needed to improve the logic and flow. I had been working alone on my paper for over two years with very little guidance. Thus it was very helpful to have Christopher read it and let me know where there were gaps. Also, he is a wiz at methodology, which I am not. His guidance was invaluable. I highly recommend him.

Robin Tellez, Doctoral Student, University Of Pheonix

Dear Alison:

On June 4, 2013, I received notification that my dissertation proposal finally received Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. This event transformed my life and my status from “doctoral learner” to “doctoral candidate” allowing me to begin the data collection and analysis for my research study. The prospect of completing my doctorate degree became a reality…far from when I first contacted you after reading your book “Finish Your Dissertation Once and for All!”

After reading your book in March 2012, I reached out to you by phone and after listening to my dissertation journey dilemma, you astutely recommended my current dissertation coach, Dr. Kristine Jones. After just one phone conversation with Dr. Jones (Kris), I felt that I found someone who understood my study, my methodology, and dissertation struggle… attempting the most difficult accomplishment in academia: A doctoral degree.

I am writing this letter to recognize Dr. Jones in her abilities to “meet” me where I was as a lost struggling doctoral learner a year ago. Through her patient guidance and support on not only how to write, but how to become assertive and make the best of a lonely journey in obtaining a doctoral degree from an online, for-profit university. Words cannot truly express how she took me under her wing and nurtured my progress to this point…I look forward to her assistance during the rest of the journey…now on to the finish line.

Anonymous, PhD

“I honestly don’t think I would have received my Ph.D. if it wasn’t for Stephanie’s support. Being an American at a UK PhD program, I was surprised by the “hands-free” nature of the degree- there was no support, just a meeting every few months with my supervisor to go over what I had written since the last meeting. I wasn’t succeeding, and no one was able to tell me what I was doing wrong. So I kept chugging ahead, but I was miserable and worried.

Stephanie was able to give me the weekly contact/support that I craved. She even went out and read some of my primary (fiction) texts so she would know what I was talking about. It was amazing. She was able to help me with general drafting/planning, with writing and crafting an argument, and ways to research. But she also provided emotional support, letting me know there was someone on my side who believed in me and my work.

Again, without her, I just don’t know how it all would have worked out. But today I can say I have a PhD!”

Anonymous, PhD

When I began working with Michal Lemberger more than a year ago, I lacked the confidence in my ability as a writer to turn the ideas I had in my head into a written product. But Michal helped me see past the dread of looking at a blank screen and provided essential (almost daily) consulting which resulted in a magnificent doctoral dissertation. One of the committee members at my defense—a very accomplished writer himself—went on and on about the quality of my prose. I could not believe it!

Michal was so much more than a copy-editor for me, although she does that task extremely well. She had the uncanny ability to suggest developmental and analytical routes I could not see because of stress and anxiety. Once I explained the arguments I wanted to make she helped me turn them into written text quite quickly. She is an amazing intellectual and a very accomplished writer, so she knew exactly how to help me refine my prose into an appropriate style. As the project progressed she was able to coordinate the earlier chapters with the later ones so that the constituent parts of the thesis spoke to each other. She was also very prompt in her feedback. Rarely a day went by when she did not get something done.

I learned so much about writing from Michal. Working with her has been one of the smartest decisions I have made. I had worked with another consultant outside of Alison’s group in the past, and Michal provided a lot more bang for her buck. The money I spent would have gone to continuing enrollment fees at my university regardless of whether I hired a consultant. I now have my degree and can move on with my life. Thanks Alison and Michal!

Anonymous, PhD Candidate, Counseling Psychology

Completing my dissertation was a daunting task, and I struggled from the very beginning. I had very little assistance from most of my committee members, so I felt alone in the process. I completed as much of the manuscript as I could and submitted to my committee chair, who continued to offer little support. He even said he was “overwhelmed” by my product and suggested I hire a writing consultant to improve the organization of my manuscript. I felt so defeated and honestly almost gave up after receiving such inflammatory feedback. I trudged ahead, however, and came upon the dissertation coach website through an internet search. I was hesitant to pursue the services but I contacted Alison, who offered to speak with me personally via telephone to explain the process and quell my fears. She was able to put me at ease immediately and selected a writing coach who was familiar with my area of study. I worked with Ani Moughamian. Working with Ani was a great experience. Communicating with her was easy and comfortable. She provided quick and comprehensive feedback and was positive with her critiques. Ani took the time necessary to assist me throughout the process of finishing my dissertation and did so in a manner consistent with my tight deadline. I recently submitted my final draft. My chair provided me with some positive feedback and said the draft was in good shape to move forward. I now have my defense date set, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m not sure I would’ve gotten to this point without help from Ani and Alison. I only wish I’d begun working with them earlier in the process. Please do not hesitate to work with Alison and her team. You will not regret it! Thank you, Alison and Ani!

J.R., Recent PhD Graduate

Deirdre Rogers at The Dissertation Coach has been absolutely wonderful. The minute I spoke with her on the phone, I knew that she was the one that I would hire to help me during the dissertation process. I had spoken with several other dissertation consultants but none of them felt right to me. I couldn’t have finished my doctoral dissertation without her help. She is to be commended for her excellent work and support. She was always so kind and patient with me. She was very professional and courteous. She listened intently to my needs and provided outstanding suggestions and guidance. Whether it was via e-mail or via telephone meetings, she was always extremely helpful. Many times, after our telephone conversations, I felt as though the “light bulb” went on in my brain. I had those Aha! moments which made me feel much more confident and gave me the motivation to keep moving forward in the dissertation process. In addition, she always gave me such encouraging words which lifted my spirits when I was a bit discouraged. There are not enough words to express my deepest appreciation for Deirdre and her excellent assistance. I will certainly consider her for any additional assistance that I may need later on as I start publishing articles. And I will definitely recommend her to anyone who needs dissertation consulting assistance.

JD, Doctoral Student

Dr. Christopher Bradley has been a tremendous resource in helping me to keep on track and work through the dissertation process. I contacted Christopher after several months of inactivity and writer’s block. He helped me to clarify the direction of my project and get me moving in the right direction. He has done a fantastic job of reviewing my work, editing, and providing many helpful suggestions to keep the project on track. Christopher is a pleasure to work with and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is struggling or would like an extra set of eyes to help with their dissertation. Knowing that he is there for me has been a tremendous help through this process.

Michelle Thompson, PhD

When I contacted The Dissertation Coach, I had drafted all of the chapters of my dissertation, but my advisor liked none of them. I didn’t know where to go for help. I knew I needed more than a copy editor and the person who would be up to the task was hard to find. Michal Lemberger, PhD did a thorough and phenomenal job editing my chapters. The feedback was thoughtful and consistent, so I could take what she did and apply it to the two chapters I didn’t give her to edit. I graduated in January and my committee said that I had made real contributions to the field. Michal’s work really kept what I wrote in my voice and made it more concise and organized! Thank you! You saved me!

Cecile Mallory, PhD, Instructional Design For Online Learning, Capella University

With the help of Dr. Boykins at The Dissertation Coach, I was able get past a significant hurdle of writer’s block coupled with a lack of clarity and scope with respect to how I structured my dissertation. I could not see the problem with what I had written because I was too close to it. Dr. Boykins shed light on the issues and provided solid direction for improvement. It is because of her support and resourcefulness I was finally able to complete my PhD. I do not think I could have without her help. Thank you!!

Dr. Linda Kaiser, Capella University

Dr. Colleen Halliday-Boykins is an excellent dissertation consultant and is highly recommended. I contacted Colleen when I reached Chapter 4 in my dissertation. I had collected data and was now on a tight timeline. I knew I couldn’t complete all of the necessary analysis alone in time. From the very first phone call with Colleen I knew she was a confident and highly experienced professional in the area of statistics. She immediately put my mind at ease, was consistently professional in all communication, and quickly responsive to all questions I had throughout the process. I was never left wondering if I would get a response – she was that quick at addressing any questions or concerns I had. I was provided with high-quality work that exceeded all of my expectations. Everything was explained so very clearly and I completely understood the how and why of the entire process. Colleen remained engaged in this process completely through my defense answering any question, no matter how small, almost immediately. In our final email conversations, Colleen asked to be notified as soon as I had completed my defense call so she could be one of the first to call me Dr. Kaiser! That shows that Colleen is interested in her clients not just for business reasons but also as real people. I have since referred Colleen to several of my colleagues who have also given me thanks for the referral as their experiences were just as stellar. Thank you so very much Dr. Colleen Halliday-Boykins for a superior job not only in the service you provide but for your excellence in customer service as well.

Tracy Thomas, PhD., Psychology

After an exhausting experience writing chapter 2, I knew I needed help editing both my chapter 2 and all of the subsequent chapters to come. Jill Blackwell, PhD helped me streamline a 265 page project into a dissertation that received feedback such as, “this is the best dissertation I’ve ever read” from multiple members of my university. Jill was not only efficient, she was fast, thorough, and spot on with her input. Jill was also incredibly encouraging and enthusiastic about my dissertation, which was validating and motivating. The accessibility I had to Jill, her quick response time and problem solving ability, gave me the feeling that I had a partner, a team member, a mentor, a teacher, a therapist, and a cheerleader along the way. It’s a great thing when you get more and better help than expected, and from someone you’d want to be friends with. I cannot say enough about Jill Blackwell.

M. O., Doctorate In Psychology

With literally a few emails and two short phone calls, Colleen was able to provide me with the guidance and direction that my committee collectively had not provided over the course of the two years I had been working on my dissertation. I had already defended my proposal, collected data, and written several complete drafts of my dissertation. Even though it seemed I was close to the end, I could not get past this part of the dissertation process due to several challenges with lack of support from my university, as well as various struggles with my committee. Colleen was able to provide me with the support and guidance one would expect from a dissertation chair. I worked with several dissertation coaches who honestly were a waste of my money and added to my frustration, so by the time I had the initial consultation with Colleen, I was very discouraged that my project would ever be completed and was quite frankly exhausted. From the start, Colleen provided me with what I needed…someone with specific experience and know-how in my field, realistic goals and flexibility, and the right attitude…that “in spite of” the challenges I was facing with my actual committee, I was going to be successful in creating a solid finished product. In essence, she acted as my pseudo-chair. I really appreciated her direct approach and was very happy with her efficiency with product turn around and concise feedback. What I was most surprised about was that she actually corrected very little of my actual writing, but rather she taught me how to approach things differently, and empowered me to be a more skilled writer. So in essence, I am much more competent in compiling literature reviews and writing up research. By the time I submitted a completed paper to my actual committee, my confidence surrounding my project was unbelievably improved. Not only was I confident in my product, but my passion for my project was renewed which definitely helped facilitate getting to the final defense and then successfully defending. Wholeheartedly, I feel every penny spent for Colleen’s services was well worth it. I have recommended and will continue to recommend Colleen to other colleagues in need of something more than what they are getting from their actual committee members.

Melva Turner, Ph.D., Capella University

I began my dissertation journey in January 2009 and after many revisions, my proposal was accepted by the Institutional Review Board in August 2010. Once I completed my research, I made the decision to contact a statistician to assist with a quantitative analysis. Prior to contacting The Dissertation Coach, I had contacted another company. However, I was not completely satisfied after talking with the representative of the company. Subsequently, I went online and searched for another statistician. I was fortunate enough to find The Dissertation Coach. After reading about the company, I decided to call and talked with Colleen Halliday-Boykins, Ph.D. with whom I immediately felt comfortable. Once I e-mailed all the data and necessary forms, Colleen was very expeditious in performing the analysis and providing notes explaining the outcome. I wrote Chapter 4, and sent it to ColIeen for her to critique as well because I did not want to prolong the dissertation any longer. Needless to say, Chapter 4 took far less time for approval than the previous three chapters. I signed the contract with The Dissertation Coach on November 11, 2010, and Chapter 4 was approved by my mentor on January 22, 2011, on the first review. Without Colleen’s guidance, I would probably have gone through one or two more quarters trying to complete Chapter 4. I will be forever grateful for the assistance from Dr. Collen Halliday-Boykins. The Dissertation Coach would be a valuable asset to anyone working on a dissertation.

Steve Tolley, PhD

As I floundered in the dissertation process, the seemingly greatest insurmountable obstacle was full development of the qualitative methodology and research effort set forth in the dissertation proposal. Then, as part of my association with Dissertation Coach, I had the very good fortune to work with The Dissertation Coach team. From our first meeting on Skype, my consultant proved to be an invaluable coach, mentor, advisor, teacher, and supporter. She was truly committed to understanding the scope and intent of my research, helping me understand qualitative methodology to a much greater degree than my classroom exposure, and then in a coaching role gently guided my efforts to conduct and report on the heart of the dissertation my qualitative research effort. Every step of the way in formulating and conducting the research was only possible because of the clarity my consultant brought to the qualitative process. From development of the coding manual, through the analysis and discussion of the results, She provided timely and effective feedback that made me feel pride and resoluteness in my efforts. Without the coaching and encouragement of my consultant, I know that I would not have completed my dissertation. For her extremely important role in making this lifelong academic goal a reality for me, I am eternally grateful.

C.M. Doctoral Student In Education

I began working with Colleen after several failed attempts to get my committee to approve my proposal. Although I was told that I had a good topic for research, I could not express the significance, purpose and methodology in a coherent manner. I was at a breaking point in my dissertation where I was about to be removed from my program because it was taking so long to pass this first phase of approval. I had drafted my first two chapters of about 60 pages worth of content and could not progress any further. Then, I was blessed to have been connected with Colleen through the Dissertation Coach. After one full semester, with her invaluable guidance and review of my work, I am now ready to conduct my research. I’m past committee and IRB approval. For the first time since I began this process I now know I will obtain my PhD. It has been an arduous journey that I have traveled while managing an intense career, family and personal challenges. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to the Dissertation Coach sooner. I am confident I could have completed my program long ago with the tremendous support provided to me by Colleen. I can simply not thank her enough.

Anonymous, Doctoral Student In Psychology

I am currently a student in a Psychology doctoral program in the final phases of my dissertation. I was stuck on the Data Analysis and Results section of my dissertation and was not receiving any help from my advisor. Kathy Stansbury, PhD worked with me on completing this section of my dissertation. She was absolutely amazing! She was very professional and really knows her stuff. She was patient with me and took her time explaining complex concepts, making even the most complicated seem effortless and easy to understand. On many occasions, after refusing to provide assistance, my advisor would say that I should know all of this stuff on my own. I felt incompetent and questioned my abilities and skills and even questioned whether I could see this through and graduate. Colleen not only helped me understand statistical analyses and concepts, but she also offered me support and encouragement when I really needed it. Her expertise and support made it possible for me to get through this section and move forward with my dissertation. Because of her help I will be graduating this December. As a native New Yorker who questions everything, I was skeptical at first and wary about using a service like the The Dissertation Coach. I wish I could tell every graduate student that it was absolutely the best decision I ever made and it is what made it possible for me to graduate. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Salah Shakir, Doctoral Student, North Central University

I started my doctorate program in 2006 and in early 2009 I started working on the concept paper. The concept paper took more than nine months and I had to register for the same course again due to many delays, revisions, and changes. I did not have much coaching from my previous chair or committee members. In early 2010 I had the privilege of working with Dr. Halliday-Boykins at The Dissertation Coach. In less than four months working with her, I am the process of finishing my dissertation proposal with the university which is a huge accomplishment. Dr. Halliday-Boykins has provided excellent assistance, directions and comments for revisions that were on target with my dissertation and with my chair and committee members. The Dissertation Coach company provides quality consultants who will save time and money and take out the anxiety of going through the process of writing a dissertation. I have learned great deal of skills and knowledge that I can use for future research.

James Harris, Jr., Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

When I first began writing my proposal I was encountering many problems such as sentence structure; sentence flow; and the overall content of my proposal. There were many times when I was just going to give up on the dissertation. I remember being one computer “click” away from dropping out of the doctoral program. But I didn’t give up. I knew that I needed “expert” help in the completion of my dissertation so I searched the web for dissertation “experts” and came upon The Dissertation Coach and Alison matched me with an amazing consultant who was was instrumental in helping me restructure my proposal. After many revisions based on my consultant’s feedback, my proposal was finally complete. Then I e-mailed my proposal to my mentor. After a few days, I received feedback from my mentor and in capital letters she wrote “WOW! this proposal is fantastic.” I know that I wouldn’t have gotten this far if it hadn’t been for The Dissertation Coach . Right now, I am beginning the data collection phase of my dissertation and look forward to continuing my relationship with The Dissertation Coach.