Dickson T. DBA

July 19, 2019

Dr. Christopher Bradley has been an outstanding dissertation coach, a genuine and fully engaged professional who really helped me to understand and progress my dissertation from a nebulous point to a concrete actionable plan, which immediately evolved as we started to work together No time was wasted. Every discussion was a building block and he was always prepared for our Skype chats and email exchanges. He was time conscious and very efficient in making comments. Chris patiently helped me navigate statistical analysis, and helped me understand concepts and how to apply them. In addition, when i received feedback from faculty, Chris was always calm, and reassuring that we could make the needed revisions. He as always able to see a way to breakthrough the numerous hurdles and challenges I faced during all the stages of writing the dissertation. I really commend Chris not only for his technical advice but also for his professional support, his commitment and resilience to work with me on the ups and downs during the entire process. Thank you!