Anonymous, PhD

November 16, 2018

I had been languishing for months in the dissertation doldrums when I finally called The Dissertation Coach and was connected with Jim. I had been paralyzed by anxiety and confusion about analyses for my dissertation. Jim was a great guide through the statistical wilderness of structural equation modeling, and a voice of reason to keep me from creating a lot of unnecessary work for myself. He was amiable, responsive, and very knowledgeable. In addition to helping me understand the statistics, he helped to quell my insecurity and feel confident that I was on the right track. Jim worked with my schedule and got back to me quickly, even with short turn-around times as I was scrambling to finish. He gave thoughtful feedback on materials I sent and was available for phone check-ins when I needed. With Jim’s help, I passed my dissertation defense with aplomb and was praised by my committee for how well I had mastered the statistical analyses. Thanks, Jim!