CM, PhD Candidate Social Work, Toronto Canada

I just wanted to write to let you know again how helpful my dissertation coaching with Stephanie Latkovski, PhD has been.  We have just recently ended our work as I feel that I am well on my way to understanding the steps ahead for me to be successful. She was patient, kind and understanding, particularly of my own anxieties. What was extremely helpful was that through her coaching, I discovered things about my working style that needed adjusting.  They weren’t necessarily large adjustments but having Stephanie guide me to help me notice them, as well as how to work through them, has changed my approach and attitude towards my dissertation.  Stephanie was accommodating to my schedule and I always looked forward to talking with her. She was flexible and incredibly kind. The payment system was easy and I felt like I could really focus on what was important: moving forward. I was pleasantly surprised that even though Stephanie and I were from different fields, I still found everything she said to be incredibly helpful and relevant for my own work. In my final call with Stephanie, I confessed how sad I feel not to be continuing for now, but that I am sure that I will be consulting with her through The Dissertation Coach again in the future.