I just wanted to let you know what an AWESOME help Christopher Bradley has been to me!!  His knowledge, way of delivery and effective teaching methods with some of the most complicated of statistics has been all I could have ever hoped.  He has been conscientious with our appointments, available and more than supportive and kind to walk me through all I need to do.  His incredible knowledge of statistics and the SPSS program is a God-send.  Because of him, I am on the home stretch of my dissertation!!!    I am so impressed with the qualiity of help and support from your company and from Christopher in particular.  I have referred all my class-mates, they are likely to be contacting you!    I can’t say enough about what an incredible service you offer to doctoral students struggling through their dissertations.  I am grateful to you for setting this up and bringing in such high quality individuals as part of your organization.  You guys are THE one-stop shop for support with dissertations, hands down!!  I did interview someone else prior to you guys–they didn’t speak English as a first language (were very hard to understand) and they just crunched numbers without any support along the way.  Christopher not only understands my language, he has helped me understand his (statistics!!)  I am so glad I stumbled across you on the internet.   Keep up the great work!! You have my total support!!