C.M. Doctoral Student in Education

November 28, 2010

I began working with Colleen after several failed attempts to get my committee to approve my proposal. Although I was told that I had a good topic for research, I could not express the significance, purpose and methodology in a coherent manner. I was at a breaking point in my dissertation where I was about to be removed from my program because it was taking so long to pass this first phase of approval. I had drafted my first two chapters of about 60 pages worth of content and could not progress any further. Then, I was blessed to have been connected with Colleen through the Dissertation Coach. After one full semester, with her invaluable guidance and review of my work, I am now ready to conduct my research. I’m past committee and IRB approval. For the first time since I began this process I now know I will obtain my PhD. It has been an arduous journey that I have traveled while managing an intense career, family and personal challenges. My only regret is that I didn’t reach out to the Dissertation Coach sooner. I am confident I could have completed my program long ago with the tremendous support provided to me by Colleen. I can simply not thank her enough.