Anonymous, PhD in Psychology

For about two years I struggled to write my dissertation on my own, barely making any progress. My supervisor wasn’t supportive, didn’t know my research area well, and was living in a different city from me. Also, my committee members had differing opinions about what to include in my dissertation and I didn’t know who to listen to. Things were a mess. But then my husband found the Dissertation Coach for me and I started working with Melinda Valente. Melinda helped me turn things around so that I could move forward and finish my dissertation. I still had a long journey to the finish line, but with Melinda’s help, I was moving forward instead of backwards or nowhere. She had lots of suggestions to help overcome my procrastination tendencies like making weekly plans with tasks broken down to manageable pieces, using the pomodoro technique, and preparing everything I needed the night before if I was going somewhere to work the next day. Melinda also helped me deal with my supervisor and committee issues that continued to plague me until the end. She listened to my emotional complaints, guided me to see feedback more objectively, and suggested ways in which I could communicate better with my supervisor. Throughout coaching, Melinda gave me the support and encouragement that I wasn’t getting from my school, as well as the strategies I needed to overcome all the hurdles along my dissertation path. I couldn’t have finished without her help so thank you!