Anonymous, PhD, North Central University

I contacted The Dissertation Coach when I was still struggling with a topic. I had a general idea of the direction that I wanted to go with my dissertation topic but was really having trouble envisioning exactly how all of the pieces were going to fit together. I wanted to begin the dissertation process with a firm grip on exactly what my topic was going to be, my research question was going to address, and my study was going to look like. I cannot imagine how much longer this process would have taken and how much more stressful this process would have been without outside help. Within the first few conversations, my topic took shape and I really had a good idea of what my study was going to entail as well. I would recommend STARTING with a dissertation consultant to anyone who is beginning the dissertation process. There are several reasons that I recommend this. First of all, they helped me avoid a lot of pitfalls that I would have stumbled into had I been going at it blindly. The people who work at The Dissertation Coach have seen it all and can guide you around things that are going to cause you major headaches later down the road. They can also show you the most efficient way to go about things so that you aren’t spinning your wheels. Additionally, the university chairs often have HUGE case loads and cannot devote adequate attention to their students. I found that it was incredibly helpful to run things by a dissertation consultant before submitting them to my chair. By doing so, I was able to clear up the big problems so that my chair had very few comments/change requests and I was able to move through my milestones relatively quickly. From start to finish, my dissertation took almost exactly a year to complete. From reading the forums at NCU, I know that many people have much different dissertation experiences. I do not feel that I could have possibly completed my dissertation this quickly without the support and advice of The Dissertation Coach. I am so very thankful that The Dissertation Coach exists and would recommend the services of this company to ANYONE who is beginning this journey. They can save you some time, your sanity, and ultimately save you money as well. I guarantee I spent less money on dissertation coach services that I would have spent on extra dissertation classes.