Anonymous, PhD, Literature

After working on my dissertation for a year, I was hardly advancing. I started to feel very anxious and began contemplating quitting my PhD program. I had read “Finish Your Dissertation Once and For All,” but I hadn’t been able to put its principles into practice on my own. I felt completely demotivated, and without anyone I could trust to talk to about my work and my progress.


Working with Kathryn Peterson from the Dissertation Coach helped me overcome a lot of the anxieties I had about my work, and helped me make substantial steps forward immediately. Our frequent discussions about what exactly had to be done day by day helped me clarify what I needed to do for each chapter and what sequence it needed to be done in so that I could finish on time. Kathryn was incredibly understanding and supportive throughout the process, and even offered me guidance as I went on the job market. I don’t think I would have finished without her, and I certainly wish I had worked with her from the very beginning of my PhD!