Anonymous, PhD in Social Work

When I first sought out Dr. Alison Miller for Dissertation Coaching I was becoming increasingly terrified that I would never finish my dissertation. I had suffered anxiety related health problems and was getting pressure from my program to finish. My committee was supportive, but getting annoyed with my lack of progress. I was stuck, bogged down in “To Do” lists and becoming increasingly disengaged from a project that I had once been passionate about.  I felt like somewhat of a failure because I was seeking help and was worried that I was a person who was potentially “uncoachable.” From the beginning, Alison was calm, positive, genuine and accessible. She both validated my concerns and helped me see how I could become more systematic (and sympathetic) in my approach to my work. The techniques she introduced me to greatly increased my productivity and reduced my anxiety; within a few months I was submitting strong drafts to my committee members. I defended my dissertation less than a year after I started coaching with Alison and she supported me through the process even though we were no longer meeting regularly. I will use the insights I gained from our experience throughout my career. Thank you!