Anonymous, PhD Candidate

When I began working with Michal Lemberger over a year ago, I had already encountered a series of setbacks with my dissertation. My advisor is well-meaning, but her laissez-faire approach results in little guidance or feedback. This had not been a problem during my coursework, but when my dissertation proposal reached my program’s wider committee, they would not approve it. After several rounds of frustrating revisions, which spanned a year, the committee finally approved my proposal. Shortly thereafter, I discovered that a student from another program had received major funding for the same idea. It was every grad student’s worst nightmare. I managed to create a new topic from the wreckage of my old one and decided that if my advisor wasn’t going to vet my work before it reached a wider audience, I would have to find someone who would. After watching Alison’s lectures online, I decided to contact The Dissertation Coach, and am very glad I did. During last summer and fall, Michal helped me revise my new dissertation proposal, two conferences papers, and several fellowship applications. Her timely, clear, and focused feedback was exactly what I had been looking for from my advisor. Michal’s input has improved my writing immensely, and I am pleased to report that I have received three major fellowships for the next year. I will continue to work with Michal as I draft my dissertation, and I feel much more confident about the processes knowing that I can count on her wisdom and support.