Anonymous, PhD Candidate, Counseling Psychology

Completing my dissertation was a daunting task, and I struggled from the very beginning. I had very little assistance from most of my
committee members, so I felt alone in the process. I completed as much of the manuscript as I could and submitted to my committee chair, who continued to offer little support. He even said he was “overwhelmed” by my product and suggested I hire a writing consultant to improve the organization of my manuscript. I felt so defeated and honestly almost gave up after receiving such inflammatory feedback. I trudged ahead, however, and came upon the dissertation coach website through an internet search. I was hesitant to pursue the services but I contacted Alison, who offered to speak with me personally via telephone to explain the process and quell my fears. She was able to put me at ease immediately and selected a writing coach who was familiar with my area of study. I worked with Ani Moughamian. Working with Ani was a great experience. Communicating with her was easy and comfortable. She provided quick and comprehensive feedback and was positive with her critiques. Ani took the time necessary to assist me throughout the process of finishing my dissertation and did so in a manner consistent with my tight deadline. I recently submitted my final draft. My chair provided me with some positive feedback and said the draft was in good shape to move forward. I now have my defense date set, and I couldn’t be happier! I’m not sure I would’ve gotten to this point without help from Ani and Alison. I only wish I’d begun working with them earlier in the process. Please do not hesitate to work with Alison and her team. You will not regret it! Thank you, Alison and Ani!