Anonymous, PhD

I came to The Dissertation Coach for assistance in completing my dissertation, due to a dysfunctional committee – two members that I could not contact and one who was habitually blocking my progress. I was so fortunate to work with Christopher Bradley, who expertly guided me through some very tricky situations. I learned that I was an “academic orphan” — a term that indicates that my situation was, unfortunately, not all that uncommon.

One of the issues with pursuing a PhD is that it is, in all but a few situations, a brand-new process for the student. If the student’s advisor and/or program is not clear on the process, requirements, standards, etc., it can be difficult to know how best to proceed. Dr Bradley’s wealth of experience in research, writing and dealing with the sometimes difficult systems of graduate programs proved incredibly valuable. He offered a wonderful balance of feedback when my research and writing needed improvement and guidance when I needed to focus more on navigating an opaque bureaucratic system.

Thanks to Dr Bradley, I was able to deal with a very difficult situation and successfully defend. I could not have done so without his expertise and advice.